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Be Fine
Be Fine Warming Clay Mask

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Waste of Money!


First of all, the picture shown is the scrub not the mask. I have not used the scrub, pictured, but this review is for the Clay Warming Mask as stated by the title. This is by far the worst mask I've ever used. Thankfully I didn't have to pay for it as it was a gift, but if I had, regardless of the price, I would not buy it. The first time used it, it was terribly difficult to wash off after the five minutes it states to leave it on. After I managed to get it off, my face felt sticky. Like I ate something sweet and got it on my skin and forgot to wash it off. I never give up on something the first time unless it injures or breaks me out, so I experimented with this mask. I tried to leave it on a shorter time, tried putting thinner layers on my face, and doing both of those in combination. No matter what I did, my skin felt sticky rather than clean and refreshed. Every other clay mask I've used has been given me a fresh and clean feeling. Effectiveness This product worked for my skin horribly and caused it to feel sticky. Ease of Application This is the only ten I'll give because if you can read instructions or put on lotion, you can apply this mask. Scent Nothing outstanding about the scent.



Be Fine warming mask made my face glow.


I received Befine warming mask in a free trial container. Befine warming mask made my face feel soft and my complexion glowed. After I cleansed off the mask I put on a moisturizer and sun screen. I am ordering this product.

San Diego, CA


The Be Fine Warming Clay Mask is Horrible!


I bough this product to replace another natural clay masque I had been using for years that was discontinued. The Be Fine Warming Face Masque claims to detox your face. It claims to be rich in antioxidents and have anti-inflammatory properties. It had bentonite and kaolin in it. It looked like it would be ideal for my needs. After trying this masque, I thought it was the worst thing I have ever put on my face. It does not smooth on well and after you wash it off (which litterally required scrubbing with a wash cloth) my face was so greasy I had to use a cleanser to wash it off. That helped, but didn't completely get rid of the greasy residue. My face was still greasy the next day after I slept on the stuff for 8 hours. This product is HORRIBLE!!! I would never recommend it to anyone, not even someone with dry skin. It was just gross.

Powers Lake, WI


Be Fine Warming Clay Mask

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