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Bayer Phillips Cramp-free Laxative Dietery Supplement Caplets

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No Pain Just Results


Unfortunately I have had to use laxatives many times in my life and although most say they are cramp free I have not found any except Phillips to be true to its word.  I have used senekot and colace stool softners and found the colace did not work at all and senekot made me very sick.  If you want to find a product that does what it is supposed to do without harm or pain to you or your body I highly recommend this one.  Many of the others dont live up to the promises and the store brands dont seem to work at all but do cost less money but what good is saving money if you dont get results.  I know I have tried many different kinds and feel this one is really one that does what it says and is easy to take and you dont have to worry about terrible side effects as there are not any.  You should find results by the caplets working the next day and take as directed and you too will agree that this is a product that actually does work.

Bellmore, NY


Bayer Phillips Cramp-free Laxative Dietery Supplement Caplets

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