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Fragrance Mist
Bath & Body Works
Bath & Body Works Orange Sapphire Fragrance Mist

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lovely smell


I like to use it 24 7, for every ocassion and it just smell so good! i cant be without my mist


san juan pr


Love it!


I am a huge fan of Bath and Body Works Orange Sapphire Fragrance Mist! I adore the smell of oranges so I had to try this. It has as wonderful scent-the orange fragrance is crisp and refreshing. As time passes, the scent is more like a nice citrus blend. There is also a hint of a floral scent in this mist. It reminds me a lot of summer. I tell my friends this is my summer fragrance! I love that the scent was not too bold or strong. I don't want people from far away to smell me coming! This is a great scent. I adore it!




love the citrus


Makes me feel fresh and citrusy. Love after a shower in the summer. It is so relaxing....sheeer heaven! Seet, sexy citrus makes a summer night come alive! I love this fragrance for staying at home cuddled up on the sofa next to my hubby or going out shopping or having a night life. There are a lot of citrus fragrances that are just too sweet or just aren't right. This is perfect. Kind of tangy in that citrus way. I have had more compliments wearing this and believe it or not most of the compliments have been from men. They want to know how to get some for their lady. Bath and body works has never let me down and don't forget to layer your fragrances for lasting power. Use you body wash first and lather well. Dry off and put your lotion on especially generously in dry areas. Then add your fragrance spray.  Carry the lotion or spray with you for quick pick me ups! You'll be surprized to see who comes up to you!


Seguin, TX


Smells so great!


Bath and Body Works so often gets it totally right.  Sometimes they get it totally wrong, but we won't discuss that now.  Let's talk about this time when they did get it right.  Their Orange Sapphire Fragrance Mist is fantastic!  Any of the products in their Orange Sapphire scent are fantastic!  The smell is light, fruity, deep, and mysterious all at the same time.  It goes on with a very orangy, fruity, light scent, then it deepens to a nice somewhat masculine background flavor.  I was going to say that it's a wonderful summer fragrance, but honestly it's really a great scent to have year round.  It's also quite unique and not like the cherry blossom or twilight that everyone else is wearing all the time.  Wear this and you'll be noticed.  You'll be noticed in a good way.  Everytime I wear the Orange Sapphire Fragrance Mist, someone comments on how good I smell.  That's exactly what you want to hear!


Fort Wayne, IN


Bath & Body Orange Sapphire Fragrance Mist is so refreshing


Bath & Body Orange Sapphire Fragrance Mist is so refreshig.  It's great for summertime.  The fragrance lasts a long time, and is a very good value for the money.  I get lots of compliments when I wear it!!  Makes me feel great!


Cleveland, OK


Orange Sapphire is very sweet and fruity.


I really like Bath & Body Works fragrances; their body splash is excellent. This fragrance isn't one of my favorites, however; it's very fruity, and not as feminine as I'd like. It has a little bit of a chemical smell that most of their other fragrances don't. Still, it's light, refreshing, and doesn't smell bad; it just isn't quite as amazing as most of their other fragrances. Give it a shot if you think this citrusy smell might work for you! 


Asheville, NC


Amazing Scent, Amazing Price.


The first time I was lucky enough to get to smellt he Orange Sapphire was when I was walking past the store in the mall. My intention was not to go in, since I had another specific errand to run, however the smell instantly drew me in. They were burning the fragrance oil and I was instantly in love with the smell! I did decide to try a spritz of it, since some smells don't mesh well with me and my opinion was even more solidified. I loved it, and I made my husband smell it. He also loved it. Of course right then and there I bought it. This isn't a scent that I've grown bored of yet, and I've been wearing it for a while, and almost daily since I purchased it. When I run out, I will buy more. This smell is so fresh and so clean and so feminine, and it makes me think of warm summer days. The good ones, not the ones where you feel sticky and gross. I'll be buying it for Christmas gifts, and as soon as I manage to find the candle, that is MINE. I love it!


Nampa, ID


Not what I was looking for...


I was looking for something with more of a scent similar to Pink Grapefruit, because it's hard to find around here.  I was somewhat dissapointed, but bought it anyway.  On me, the spicey notes seem to take over.  It's still a pretty scent, though. 


Newton, KS


Light and Airy


My first experience with Bath and Body Works Orange Sapphire was with the lotion.  I just gave it a try and soon found that I just HAD to have the fragrance mist.  It's such a unique smell, and what a cool name too!  It's not an overpowering orange.  Who wants to smell like an pungent orange all day?  It's the perfect blend of fragrances and leaves me smelling freshy and summery.  It was the perfect smell for my summer days.  Although I must admit that I stocked up enough of it to carry me through the fall too.  Bath and Body Works seems to hit the nail on the head with their fragrances and this one is a great one to have in your stash of products.  I'm not a 20-something, and I don't feel as though this fragrance is one that is geared just toward the younger crowd.  It's not a juvenile scent and I'm glad I came across it and thought enough to buy it.  I do get asked what the perfume I have on is by others. 


Carson City, NV


Bath & Body Works Orange Sapphire Fragrance Mist-summer relief!


I love Bath & Body Works Fragrance Mists! And the Orange Sapphire is the perfect pick-me-up during the hot summer months. I keep it in the fridge so I can spritz a little on when I get hot, a little on the wrists can cool you down quickly, and it smells so light and summery. I just love it.


Acworth, GA


Bath & Body Works Orange Sapphire Fragrance Mist

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