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Bath & Body Works Oahu Coconut Sunset Shower Gel

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Buttery Coconutty


The smells of molten amber and coconut drive me wild! The amber to me smells almost like a mixture of caramel and butter rum, the coconut is definitely there. The monoi and kinoi oils make this smell especially delicious and tempting. I love the smell of coconut but if you do not you definitely will stray away. This is my favorite out of the Aloha Hawaii scent and I've definitely stocked up just in case it does not revisit the shelves next year. Effectiveness Lathers very well, and scent stays. The oils in the gel help it to keep bubbling and give you a fun and enjoyable shower. Scent Same as description above. The power is just as strong as when you open the bottle.




Bath & Body Works Oahu Coconut Sunset Shower Gel

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