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Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Headache Relief

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Good for minor stress headaches


This actually does help when a headache is minor and is from stress. It also smells very minty pleasant. I have used mine for a couple years now and a little goes a long way. I simply roll a little across my forehead and a little under my nose and on my wrists. Within 10 minutes, my headache is much better. This makes my life a lot better because I prefer not to take any pills.




Bath & Body Works Headache Relief is Effective!


I received this arometherapy headache relief roll-on for Christmas two years ago. Boy, oh boy, how it works!!! I was thinking that the smell would make my headache even worse - but it is quite the opposite! The scent works wonders for the headache, with a sort of cooling sensation brought on contact. Though it is quite a small container, it lasts so long Look at me. I have headaches usually one or more times a week, and I have kept the same bottle of this for two years straight! This stuff works so nicely, and I have read the reviews, and they are similar to mine. Everyone seems to love this, just like me! I will definitely be buying this for my friends and family and myself in the future. I hope you do the same! If you get headaches like me, this is for you.


Napa, CA


Smells great and a great concept.


I love the smell of this product. But I'm not sure that sniffing it was the intended purpose, still it was one of the main uses I got out of it. In addition, typically once I get a headache, I push the temples on the side of my head. I also was able to use the rolling part of this (as directed) to really highlight that area on my head. Unfortunately, I think that the effectiveness may be more psychological than anything else. Yes, the smell is relaxing, and the rolling ball helps, but overall, taking something Over-The-Counter worked better. Still, I love their line of products, especially the Instant Aromatherapy line.


Cranston, RI


Instant Headache Relief is not the best, but it works!


I'm a big fan of Bath & Body Works products, so when I found this product on sale during sinus headache season, I jumped at it. It was okay. I have used similar products previously that worked a bit better. This has a not-so-strong peppermint smell, which is mild and pleasant enough to wear all day, but not really strong enough to tackle a strong headache. It is good for light head pains or just-coming-along headaches. However, if you enjoy the scent of peppermint, it's really nice-smelling and great just to wear around! Also makes a great holiday fragrance.


Spartanburg, SC


Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Headache Relief

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