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Barbie Dynacraft Aluminum Foldable Scooter

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The Barbie folding 2 wheel scooter has potential to be great!


My daughter got this Barbie riding scooter for Christmas but we can't get it to lock in the upright position.  I hope it is just a defect in this particular one and that we will be able to exchange.  She loved the one she rode on last summer that was someone elses's.  It seems to have great feature's like: height adjustable handlebars, foot brake, glitter tires, and foldable for easy carrying and storage.  It even came with a detachable mini Barbie scooter for your little ones Barbie to ride on with her as well.  It seems very easy to control and balance with a little practice.  They even sell cute little Barbie bike helmets that match.  The very best feature on this Barbie scooter for us is the adjustable handle bars.  You can make them as low or high as you need them for your child to ride comfortably.  I would recommend this product based on the usage by my daughter on the none broken one.  We only hope we can get her a replacement.

Fort Wayne, IN


cute scooter


My daughter asked for a scooter for her birthday. She loves her Barbie things, so we opted for hte Barbie foldable scooter. It is hot pink with flowers and cute little Barbie logos on it. The handles fold down and hook on to the main stem. The main stem of the scooter folds down on to the foot board at hte push of a button. The wheels are fairly small, so is the foot board. I can't get both my feet on it. I really like that it folds so easily. I can put it in the trunk of my car and take it to grandma's house or park pretty effortlessly. It is a bit difficult to loosen the handles to fold them down. You have to push a metal knob and slide it out of a hole it is locked into. I understand that it is a safety feature, but I have trouble getting that knob to compress and I'm always afraid I'm going to pinch my finger. The other complaint I have is the brake. It is located on the footboard and you're supposed to press it with your foot. The footboard is so narrow, it's difficult to get your foot to fit on the brake correctly. I would recommend this for a younger girl (like under 10 or so) because of it's size.

Bristol, TN


Barbie Aluminum Foldable Scooter: Very Cute, Very Girly


Kids like to have fun and parents are often pleased when the fun is educational in nature or lends itself to physical activity. One kid's toy that encourages children to get physical is the **Barbie Four- inch Foldable Aluminum Scooter**, a toy designed for girls from late preschool through early elementary school. ** ****Scooter Commentary:**** **The Barbie Four- inch Foldable Aluminum Scooter is a small scooter with four- inch wheels and a footplate that measures about twenty inches in total length. This scooter features the ever- popular Barbie character, is pink/red in color, and is covered with hearts and words associated with the Barbie character. There is one picture of Barbie herself, on the front, and a plastic bracket is included that attaches to the front of the scooter and holds one Barbie doll. The scooter is sold preassembled and ready for use. All you need to do is unfold, insert the handle bar, and tighten.The Barbie Four- inch Foldable Aluminum Scooter is well- constructed scooter that is designed to appeal to young girls in the targeted age group. This scooter is very cute and very girly. Fans of the Barbie character will recognize Barbie and instantly fall in love with this scooter. I purchased this scooter for one of my little girls and she couldn't wait to take it home and try it out. She loved the colors, the Barbie theme, etc. She considered it the perfect toy and was anxious to climb aboard and scoot her way down the sidewalk. I certainly agree that this scooter is cute, but from a parent's perspective, the most important quality with any scooter is safety. I have heard many horror stories about scooters and the injuries they can cause, so I was naturally concerned when I purchased this child scooter. Watching my little girl go for a spin on this scooter for the first time was a little nerve- wracking and my mood hasn't changed much since. The reason is because of the issues with balancing. The footplate on the Barbie Four- inch Foldable Aluminum Scooter is very narrow and young children will have trouble keeping themselves balanced. My girl took several tries before got the hang of it. I suppose this falling off should be expected, since this is a beginner's scooter, but the problem could have been kept under control with a slight change in the design. A slightly wider footplate, for example, could help young riders keep themselves on the board instead of falling off. As for the construction, the Barbie Four- inch Foldable Aluminum Scooter is good. It is made from metal and the four- inch wheels seem like a good size for a small scooter. Adjusting the height of the handlebars is simple and the scooter is very cute. The cuteness factor is reason enough for many young ladies to like and respect this scooter before they ever take it for a spin.        **Bottom- Line Viewpoint:** Scooters can be fun and the Barbie Four- inch Foldable Aluminum Scooter is a nice little scooter for young girls. The device is cute and fun, and while I don't agree that this scooter is suitable for a three year old due to the tendency to fall off (it is rated for kids from three through six years of age), I agree that it does have its good points and it is certain to be a hit with Barbie fans everywhere.      

Houston, TX


Barbie Dynacraft Aluminum Foldable Scooter

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