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Backyard X-Scapes
Backyard X-Scapes Rolled Bamboo Fencing - 1 in. D x 6 ft. H x 8 ft. L


Blend form and function with our natural rolled bamboo fencing! Give your outdoor structure an authentic feel with the help of a natural rolled bamboo fence.

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My very own fortress of solitude


I wanted more privacy around my house so I decided that the Backyard X-Scapes Rolled Bamboo Fencing was the best option. I found this to be the quickest and cheapest way to get immediate seclusion. It took me and a friend a couple of hours to install the fencing with cable ties over my chain link fencing. During installation I noticed there was a slight gap between some bamboo sticks because of the way they were manufactured, but I was able to bridge the space with steel wiring. Besides providing solitude this fence's aesthetics are very pleasing to the eye and gives off a tropical vacation vibe. The only downside to this fence is that it didn't come with any protective coating to guard it from the elements. I did secure a sealant for the fence and it has done a great job maintaining its fresh look. I would definitely recommend the Backyard X-Scapes Rolled Bamboo because it's easy to install, provides privacy, and doesn't cost a lot.

Westchester, IL


Backyard X-Scapes Rolled Bamboo Fencing - 1 in. D x 6 ft. H x 8 ft. L

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