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Backyard Discovery
Backyard Discovery Springboro Wood Swing Set


Wood Clubhouse Swing Set Provides All the Fun Kids Need

Get your kids moving with the Springboro deluxe wood swing set. This set not only has two belt swings where kids can play, but a two-person glider, a clubhouse with a ladder and slide, a sandbox, monkey bars and a picnic table where they can take a snack break after all of that activity. In short, this set has something for everyone, from kids who love imaginative play to those who prefer to swing and climb.

The clubhouse area of the wood clubhouse swing set features realistic details, including windows and a working door. Kids can play inside or relax on the porch out front. An 8-foot speedy slide lets them zip to the ground with ease. With all of these features, the set is sure to make your yard a favorite among the neighborhood kids.

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Okay set


For the price, I would say that this swingset is just okay. We have owned the Backyard Discovery Swingboro Wood Swing Set for maybe three years now. The biggest thing I would say is that if you can find a place that will assemble this for you, spend the extra money! While it was manageable, it took forever and was a huge headache. I'm not sure how much someone would charge for assembly, but I'm thinking it may be worth it. After three years, this swingset is still going strong, however it doesn't seem like something that will last a lifetime. I did apply the extra protective seal, so hopefully that makes the wood last a little longer. For the price I paid, I would expect sturdier construction. Maybe longer bolts and thicker wood? My kids love it though, so that is all that matters. They get tons of use out of this set. It is great for children of all ages. I have the kids from ages 1 to 7 and they all seem to enjoy it just the same. I did purchase an extra baby swing for the little guy so that he could enjoy it as well.

Chesterfield, NJ


The new wore off and then we had this thing in the yard


I'll start by saying that I thought this was so cute and I could just imagine the kids playing for hours in it. The set is adorable. A "clubhouse" sits up on a four foot deck that even comes with a bay window and a door that opens and closes. At first I thought we had wasted a lot of money. the kids didn't seem to find it nearly as wonderful as I did. Then grandpa came over and talked about a tree house he had made and boy this was so much better. The next thing I knew they wanted to eat lunch in their clubhouse and could they sleep in it. We ordered it through a web site and could not believe how quickly it arrived and how well packaged it was. We had a few bolts left over but quickly decided that's better than coming up short. Grandma and kids made a shopping trip to the local fabric store where the made a difficult decision as to what fabric would make the perfect curtains. Grandpa made them a small wood chest for storing their new LED flashlights. No none of these extra's come with the set but it became a family affair and the kids as well as the grown ups will have memories to treasure.



Backyard Discovery Springboro Wood Swing Set

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