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BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light

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A Must for Traveling with Baby


Before our son was born we got a regular pack and play that we planned to use in our room as a bassinet and for travel. We never could get the thing set up in our room and knew there was no way that we would ever travel with something so heavy and hard to assemble, so we returned it. Luckily we were given a bassinet but we still needed something for travel. I learned about the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib and have to admit I almost didn't buy it due to the price, but after watching an online video showing how easy it is to assemble, I decided to take a chance. I am so glad that I did. The Baby Bjorn Travel Crib is so easy to assemble and take back down; it only takes a few minutes. When folded back down it fits easily into the included travel case. The case with the crib inside is fairly small and lightweight and fits easily behind the back seat of the car so we can save trunk space since I tend to pack heavy for road trips. I feel so much better putting my baby in his own travel crib instead of one from a hotel that has been slept in by multiple babies and hasn't necessarily been cleaned well in between. Most importantly, our son sleeps very well in the travel crib. The mattress is thicker than the pad that comes with the typical pack and play. Once our son outgrew the bassinet and began sleeping in a crib in his room, we set up the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib in our bedroom to use as a playpen for him to hang out in while we got dressed in the morning. It was plenty big enough for him to play in but didn't have as big of a footprint as a regular pack and play or playpen. Even though the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib doesn't take up much space, you do need to be careful when you walk around it because the legs stick out from the corners of the crib. I've walked into the legs a couple of times while fumbling through the dark in an unfamiliar hotel room and it really hurts my toes. Also, the mattress basically sits on the ground; it's not elevated like in a pack and play and there is no way to raise it up for an infant, so it can be a little hard on my back to reach in and pick my son up if he's lying down. I think the crib is really better for a child who can at least sit up. Our son now won't spend much time in a playpen so we no longer use the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib on a daily basis but we still take it with us on vacation. Despite the high price, it was one of the best baby gear purchases we made.


Franklin, TN


Easy to set up, light, compact


our son slept in this crib when we traveled with no problems. It was also great to use as a playpen when he started walking and I needed to keep him in one spot and safe while I was doing thing around the house. He seemed to enjoy playing in the crib too.




Easy, Light, and Compact!


When I was pregnant with my first child, my husband and I were registering for all of our baby needs when I first came in contact with the Bjorn Travel Crib.  We ended up not registering for it mainly because of the price but also because it was a little smaller than the traditional pack n play and we wanted to be able to use it for more than just a newborn or smaller baby.  We hoped to be able to use our pack n play all through the toddler years as well. However, while we were visiting my inlaws, we borrowed one of these Bjorn Travel Cribs and I must say, I LOVED IT!  It was so easy to tote around and not huge and heavy like the pack n plays.  Its smaller size was actually nice because it fit in our bedroom so much easier than a pack n play would have.  It was soft, but not too soft and was just an overall perfect travel crib.  We loved using it and I have placed it on my registry for our next baby in hopes that we get it!!!


Vandalia, OH


Baby Bjorn Travel Crib is light and perfect for travel


I looked around online for a travel crib after taking a long road trip with my heavy, cumbersome pack n play.  The pack and play was a pain to set up and hard to carry up to hotels, at least for my tiny self.  It always took a while to set up, which aggravated my sleepy baby.  After reading a number of reviews online, I decided to buy the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib and could not be more pleased with my purchase.  It truly is lightweight.  I can carry it in one hand and my baby in  the other.  It fits easily into a larger luggage bag, so I am flying across the country with it for the holidays.  The greatest feature is how easy it is to set up and take down.  I can set the whole thing up in less than 15 seconds.  I can take it down and stow it away in about 20 seconds.  It seems comfortable for my son and he sleep well in it.  My only complaint is that it doesn't come with a sheet, so I've improvised with spare mini crib sheet.  It also isn't cheap, but I'm willing to pay for something I'll use regularly.


Panama City, FL


The perfect crib for traveling with child!


My husband and I LOVE this travel crib.  It's probably one of the most used baby items we've received.  I should preface this by saying that we travel A LOT, and so we knew we needed to find a durable, compact, and ideally lightweight crib that we could take with us on our trips.  We started putting it to use early when our child was about two months old.  He had only slept in a little bassinet up until that point and we were concerned how he would take to it.  His first night's sleep in it was like a dream and he actually slept longer in it than in his bassinet.  That's when we knew we had found a dream product.  This crib is also amazingly lightweight and quite slim, so we have had an easy time packing it in our car along with the other 50 things you need to bring with you once you have baby.  The set-up is insanely easy and will take you less than a minute.  The breakdown can be a bit tricky, but once you have it figured out, it's a piece of cake.  Our child absolutely loves sleeping in this travel crib...in fact, he seems to like it more than his permanent crib and he gets a better night's sleep in it.  It's definitely more expensive than other travel cribs but it is worth every penny!


Carmel, IN


BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light

4.8 5