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Baby Orajel
Baby Orajel Teething Pain Medicine

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Works great to numb the gums until the ibuprofen starts working


Baby Orajel is great for what it is...a quick, temporary way to get relief for your teething baby. It was the only thing I used as far as pain relief for my first child when she was teething. It worked great to relieve her teething pain and allow her to sleep better. For my second child, she needs more than just the orajel. I give her the Orajel to give her quick relief until her ibuprofen starts working. It is great for that temporary fix to quiet them down so you can think. It also helps to numb their gums so that they feel better about eating when those sore gums don't feel so good. The flavor seems to be great. Neither of my children ever refused it. In fact, my second child even pretended to be putting some on her own gums just the other night. She rubbed the end of a crayon and then rubbed her gums. That tells you that it works! She will even ask for it some nights when it's time to go to bed. Just a couple of minutes after applying it, she calms right down and falls asleep. So very thankful for this product!




A must have item if you have a baby!


My son got his first tooth around three months of age.  He was drooling a LOT and cranky.  Since I am a first time mom, I wasn't sure what was going on.  Sure enough, after a couple weeks of drooling, out popped his first tooth.  Unfortunately, I didn't know he was teething when he got his first tooth, so I never applied the **Baby Orajel** to his gums.  Soon after that first tooth, two more popped out very quickly.  This time I was aware that he was teething, so I was sure to apply the **Baby Orajel **at the first sign of discomfort.  If my son was fussing and in pain, I would apply the **Baby Orajel **and he would almost immediately be happy again.  I tried some on my gums so I knew what it felt like and was surprised at how strong the numbing was. The **Baby Orajel **became so important that I bought two.  One for home and one for the diaper bag.  I would hate to be out of the house and have a miserable, teething baby with nothing to give him. My son is now 11 months old and gets new teeth all the time.  He actually has eleven teeth, but hasn't needed the **Baby Orajel **since his third tooth came in. **The Scoop!** This stuff is a life saver!  If you are pregnant, I highly suggest you get some **Baby Orajel ***before *the time comes that you need it.  You wouldn't want to be without it when your baby gets his first tooth!


Camp Lejeune, NC


Baby Orajel Teething is Fantastic!


I really really can't tell you how much I love this product. My son had a horrible time with teething. We tried sooo many teething products and this one was the best by far. My favorite thing about this product is it works fast. I can put it on seconds before going to bed and he is fast asleep within minutes. No other product I tried worked that fast. It also is flavored so my son doesn't mind taking it at all. He opens his mouth wide everytime I bring it out which makes it easy to apply to his sore gums. He doesn't seem to mind the feel of it in his mouth either. I would highly reccomend this product for babies who are having a hard time with the teething processs. It is nice for them to have a little relief every now and then!


Tallahassee, FL


Must have medicine


Teething is an absolute nightmare..so I am willing to try anything that claims it will help. Baby orajel is a lifesaver! I stock up on it because I know it works! It is the only product that gets my son to stop crying in the middle of the night. It doesn't taste bad either..it has a nice mild flavor and you don't get stuck with a long aftertaste. I love that I can swab a little on my son's gums and he's good to go! What a great product! If anything can make babies stop crying, it's this product! Buy it before your little one starts teething!


Bradenton, FL


Big fan of orajel


I've been a big fan of orajel for as long as I can remember. It's not a perfect product, but it does what it's suppose to, and that is to help numb the teething pain that babies experience. If you've ever used normal orajel, you know how it works. Whenever you have teeth or gum pain, you open the container, put some on your finger, and rub it in your mouth. Within a few seconds, that entire area of your mouth goes numb. There are a few downsides however. One is that the taste isn't always something thats pleasent. This usually isn't a problem with most of the baby orajel flavors though. I've seen them in bubble gum and other kid friendly tastes. The second is that it's only temporary. So if your child is experiencing any serious teeth pain, it's not going to help long term. For young children who are simply teething however, orajel is a great product that works. I would definitely recommend having some on hand for anyone who has children.


Augusta, KY


baby didn't like orajel on gums


When my 6 month old baby started teething and crying all the time I headed out to the store to find something to calm his pain. I looked for the teething drops that I had used with my daughter but was unable to find them. Since I couldn't find anything else I grabbed the orajel. I don't like how it isn't a drop and you have to put it on your fingers and then into the babies mouth. This isn't very convenient if you have to stop and clean your hands before giving it to baby and might be out and about where you don't have access to a sink. Also my baby seemed to fuss more right after I first gave it to him. He didn't seem to like how it felt or tasted. I tried it a few times, but he always fussed when taking the orajel. He did stop fussing after it was applied but the relief only lasted a few minutes. I would not recommend this product to use as their are better teething medicines out there. If available I like the Gentle Naturals Homeopathic Teething Drops that worked great for my daughter when she was teething.


Phoenix, AZ


Helped ease the pain of new teeth


I am both pleased and disappointed with Baby Orajel Teething Pain medicine. When my little one is getting cranky with the pain of a cutting tooth, I apply it onto her gums and it soothes her. Works wonders when it comes to bedtime, as I apply it to her gums before she falls asleep to help her sleep more comfortably through the night. The downfall is the effect wears off very quickly and the product advises against overuse in a small time frame. Plus, with a wiggly baby, the gel gets on her toungue and lips and ends up numbing more than it needed to. As with most numbing products for children and adults, it just doesn't have the long-lasting effect that a hurting baby needs.


Titusville, FL


Baby Orajel doesn't work.


I bought Baby Orajel teething pain medicine for my son when I knew his teeth were starting to come in and it was obvious that they were causing him pain. I thought, No problem! The orajel will help! Boy was I wrong. My son screamed bloody murder whenever I applied the stuff, and drooled a ton after. He started to realize whenI brought the tube out what was going to happen and would fight me every step of the way. To me it seemed like it numbed his tongue and didn't touch the pain in his gums, because he was still extremely irritable and in pain. I finally found Hyland's teething tablets, and he loved to take those; although again, they don't work for a long period of time. I find myself (now that he's getting his two year molars) going to tylenol and advil for his worst days and nights. It's the only time we can get some kind of relief and sleep in this house. Orajel...I won't even buy it for the new baby that's due in a few months. In fact, we still have an unopened tube, and I don't see myself getting it out.


Richmond, VA


Gave our daugher a rash


I wasn't sure about using any products on our daughter for teething but once she started teethign I was looking for anything and everything to help make her feel more comfortable. We had received several tubes of baby orajel at our babyshower. I took a tube of orajel and followed the directions. Within a few minutes our daughter had a red rash all over her face. I thought at first that it was related to the teething so I didn't give it much thought but I didn't reapply the orajel either. The next day her face was back to normal and she was still teething. When she started to get cranky I reached for the orajel and put it on her gums. Again within a few minutes her face got a red rash. Now I was starting to get suspious. We tried a third time and got the same results. Nothing else happend. It was just her face got really red and she develped a rash on her cheeks. But from the reaction I feel like she is allergic to it and we will not be using again.


Shakopee, MN


Didn't help our little teether


We've tried a few times, and I even tried it on myself.  It doesn't really help with pain.  It numbsfor a very short amount of time, which is not helpful when your baby is teething (a full time job for them).  When the pain is bad our daughter won't let you stick your finger in her mouth anyway, which makes sense.  If it was my mouth that hurt I wouldn't want someone digging around in there either.  This product actually hardens the babies gums too making teething longer and more painful.  We've found, and loved, Hyland's and Humphrey's teething tablets.  They work consistently, don't require holding your baby down to fill her mouth with goop, and are actually all natural, which makes me feel better too.  There's a reason they started making the safe dose bottle of Orajel.  A bit too much (hard to judge) can send your kid to the hospital.  A mesh feeder with frozen breastmilk, fruit or just and ice cube are safer options for numbing the pain a bit.


Bellevue, NE


Baby Orajel Teething Pain Medicine

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