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Baby Orajel
Baby Orajel Gel Cherry Flavor

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I love Orajel, especially the baby version - cherry makes it A+!


I've always been a fan of** Baby Orajel**, I like this version more so because it's both effective and gentler to use. I have 3 kids and I never hesitate to dab this on any toothache pain, including their ever emerging teeth or the dreadful cheek bite! I use the baby version on myself as well, I find that the adult Orajel sometimes can sting and isn't any more effective than this dose. Plus, **Baby Orajel **doesn't taste as nasty, which let's face it, who wants to taste medicine ever? We also use **Baby Orajel **on any canker sores or cuts or accidental jabs of the tooth brush (those hurt bad too). We had a very, VERY old dog a few years back and his teeth were starting to give him problems, our Vet told us that we could use this **Baby Orajel **in small quantities on his gums as well - but do not rub it in (just dab it) because the simple rubbing could aggravate the tooth. **Baby Orajel** is just a numbing agent, so of course you'll need to reapply according to the directions, but it certain has been a friend to this mom over the last 12 years and we'll continue to use it I'm sure well after they've all graduated and left the nest!


Livonia, MI


Baby orajel not just for babies


I started using baby orajel gel when my oldest started teething.  It was somewhat effective and I know my finger was always numb after applying it.  I have several other ways of dealing with teething discomfort and some of them seem to work better or for longer periods of time, such as a wet cool washcloth for baby to chew on or a chilled water filled teether.  My favorite use of the baby orajel gel was for when a teething infant woke up in the middle of the night it was so easy to provide the immediate relief with the gel and then the tylenol would have a chance to kick in by the time the gel wore off so the baby could sleep.  Now that we no longer have a teething baby in the house we still keep baby orajel on hand for some of the older boys.  When my son had his eight year molars coming in it was a great relief at night when he would wake up.  It has also proved very effective for some of the soreness from braces.


Appleton, WI


baby orajel cherry flavor--wonderful stuff


Our baby girl has been teething for month and her teeth are just now starting to break through. This has been a long and painful process for both her and mama. Orajel has worked wonders at bed time and nap time when the pain really seems to bother her the most. Just like the package says this stuff works immediately to numb the pain. My daughter also seems to like the taste of it. Another good thing is that a little goes a long way which is good because the tubes can get pricey. It is so nice to have something that can help my daughter because I hate seeing her in pain. Also, orajel does come in other varieties for day time and night time. I believe the night time might have a little more of the numbing agent to help your baby stay asleep at night instead of waking up multiple times from the painful teeth process. Because of the immediate difference I see when we use this product for our daughter's sore gums I would recommend oragel to have mom a teething baby.


Greer, SC


Baby Orajel Cherry Flavor works, but does not pass taste test.


My son has been teething for a couple months now and we have been trying different products to help ease his pain. We give him tylenol and ibuprofen sometimes to ease his pain, but that comes in such tiny bottles that it goes so fast if you use it too often. We got him some of the cherry baby orajel and it seems to work, although he seems to hate the taste of it. He makes the most awful face when you put it in his mouth and he screams and screams for a minute and tries to spit it out. Once the initial taste goes away it seems to help with his pain. Maybe it isn't just the taste, maybe he doesn't like the numbing feeling, or maybe just doesn't like us putting our finger in his mouth. I would say this product definitely works, but I wouldn't expect your kid to jump for joy when they see your finger coming towards their mouth with that little cherry flavored dot on it haha. But regardless of taste, it does the job it is intended to do and makes the little guy's gums feel better.


Chatsworth, GA


Baby Orajel Gel is ok...


I bought this first before anything else to easy my teething grand-daughter's pain. While purchasing the product the cashier actually recommended I put it back and get something different. I found that very odd, but they continued on saying that the Baby Orajel Gel isn't strong enough. I was informed that the toddler gel might work better, but of course being the cautious Grandmother that I am, did not like that idea and went ahead with my purchase. I can see now what the cashier was trying to say. I had to fight to get this gel inside my grand-daughters mouth because the odor is pretty strong and can be scary new scent for a little baby. Once I did get the gel on the affected area, she couldn't stop drooling and became even fusier. However, after a few moments it did work enough to make her happy, but nearly an hour later and she was cranky and hurting again. I would recommend teething tablets as apposed to this product. They work faster, last longer and are easier to use!


Kingman, AZ


Baby Orajel Gel


**                                                                      Baby Orajel Gel** **** **oh my goodness this is a life saver for you and your child when it comes time for your infants to start teething . it does not taste nasty like adult orajel and does not have a taste your child would fight from having to get put in their mouth which it wonderful. It works miracles , i personally have put it on myself before trying it on my child to make sure it worked and to see how long it would take to kick in if it did indeed work.. It definately does work and it seems to work almost immediately which is always a good thing when you have a infant child screaming or crying in pain. Almost every parent or caregiver i know has or does use this on their children when needed , im very  satisfied with **Baby Orajel Gel and would definately approve it for any child or infant  teething or about to start teething .****


Lumber Bridge, NC


Baby Orajel lessens the whining!


When baby's start teething it can be month until there tooth actually pops through the gums. That is how it was with my little boy. He started drooling a ton around 4 months and his first tooth didn't show itself until 6 1/2 months. Almost three months of drooling and as the months went on he started to whine more and more. Sometimes he was just so frustrated and hurting that a cold teething ring couldn't help and he would just start crying. This Orajel immediately numbs the gums as soon as you put it on. It's a little difficult getting in just on his gums and not on his tongue and lips but there's nothing you can really do about that. It's doesn't really deliver deep pain relief but that's what the night time formula is for. This is just a temporary fix for sore gums and it helps him stop whining so much so I don't go crazy! He really enjoys the flavor as well so I would say this gel is a good buy. It's a little pricey but worth it.  


Atlanta, GA


Baby Orajel Gel Cherry Flavor

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