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Baby Einstein
Baby Einstein Discover& Play Color Blocks

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It's great for little ones!


I received these as a baby shower gift years ago and they are a great educational toy for little ones. They keep babies and toddlers entertained. These are in the primary colors and keep a child's attention. Each block does something different. No two blocks do the same thing. They crinkle, rattle, vibrate, make noises, squeak and more. The one with the mirror in it was always a favorite of my child's when they were a baby. The Baby Einstein blocks are nice and soft and easy to stack. They are safe and well made. We had them for a couple of years and had never dealt with things tearing or falling off. They are a good size for little hands as well. These are a great addition to a little ones collection of toys. A great learning tool as well. I think that there was some counting on them also. There's a lot of fine motor activities for them to do on these blocks. I would recommend these!




The Discover& Play Color Blocks are a hit!


My child was given these blocks as a gift.  She has loved playing with them at several different stages in her development.  When she was younger, she loved the green block because of it has a tag she could chew on. Now I get giggles when I pull the frog's lag to make it shake.  Now that she is older she learned how to quack because of the sound the duck makes (and yes, it took us awhile to figure out that we could push on the duck and it would quack!) The colors and different textures keep baby's attention and can help them learn colors, animals, and gross motor skills.  We have fun playing 'stack the blocks and knock them down'.  Because they are soft, they are safe for babies.  No risk of bumps and bruises by wobbling legs falling on them. I would recommend these for other children because they are safe and appeal to a variety of the children's senses.  Great for teaching colors, foods, and animals!


Zeeland, MI


Fun for hours


I bought  **Baby Einstein Discover& Play Color Blocks** for my own child, my daycare children, and neices and nephew. The colors are vibrant and I feel safe and secure knowing that the children are playing with a safe toy. The kids all pick up this toy more than once. It is the toy that is never in the toy box. This toy is a great gift for baby showers too. These are a great addition to any Baby Einstein collection. The size of the blocks are great for small kids. I continue to recommend this toy to all my daycare families. They are great for counting, learining colors, shapes, and also making patterns. I have discovered many teaching opportunities with the Baby Einstein Blocks. I like to use them to teach since there are not too many peices to keep track of and large enough for more than one child to see and benefit from the learning opportunity. The kids don't even know they are learning.


Montrose, CO


Baby Einstien Blocks


If someone is in the market for baby toys or specfically baby blocks I think this would be a great choice. They have the names of the colors, animal, a picture of something that color. This provides a great building block for the building of vocabualry it is easy to talk about these things with your baby as they are playing with them. It is nice that these are soft so if the baby hits his head or falls over by them they aren't going to hurt them. I think it is a little bit easier to stack the big soft blocks than the hard ones anyways. There a few different textures for the baby to explore and they are nice and bright which babies love. I don't think all of them make sounds but the set that we have has one that is yellow with a duck on it that makes a duck sound. Also on the green one there is a frog that has legs that go back and forth which I think is kinds of cool. They are also a good size for babies to hold and mauver easily.


Orem, UT


Every child should have a set


I'm a big toy freak, I love baby things, especially toys. So, when I heard my best friend was having a baby, I immediately starting buying toys! One of my first purchases were the Baby Einstein Stacking Blocks. I love them! They are so soft and they aren't the annoying blocks that squeak like a cat or dog toy. They are so small and cute! They come in three different sizes which is cool because small babies can't always grasp onto the big items. The pictures on the blocks are really good pictures and the baby loves to stare at them. What makes this product the best is that it has a small teether attached to the small block! The wonderful colors, texture and sounds on these blocks makes an enjoyable time for the baby. Amiah has loved these blocks since she was born. Anytime she is in a cranky mood, mama just brings these out and tada! Amiah is all better, smiling and shaking her toy. She isn't to the point where she can stack them yet but she loves to move the blocks around in her hands and knawl on them. They are constantly soaked!! I am so glad that I made this purchase because they are baby Amiah's favorite things!


Kansas City, KS


my son learned his shapes


My son learned to count! These soft cushiony blocks are bright, colorful and fun to stack! My son started playing with these at about 4 months old and still plays with them at the age of 2. These are inexpensive, and are great little starters for leaning your 1st words, shapes or animals,. Collect them all!


Kirkland, WA


My children loves the Baby Einstein blocks - full of color!


The Baby Einstein collection has grown over the past few years. When my daughter was born we purchased the 4 soft baby blocks - yellow, green, blue and red. The blue one has been recalled and we were able to send the block to them and in return received a new block. It had something to do with lead in the paint. Which has been the story for most toys and household items lately. We thought no big deal - we knew about it and we took care of it. Thank god we have these rules and guidelines in place. So many things out there that you never know of. But each block has a side to it that has a image - and each of them make some type of sound. The yellow one features a duck on it and quacks like a duck. So very cute and they are big enough that your little one can have them at any age. Which is great when you think about what they will start sticking in their mouth when they can. We take these blocks to the park and let our son play with them while our daughter plays on the park equipment.


Lakefield, MN


These blocks did not live up to my expectations


My son received these blocks as a gift right after he was born. Because they are "Baby Einstein", I had high hopes that they would be one of his favorite toys. I have had good experiences with many other "Baby Einstein" products and thought these were both cute and educational. Unfortunately, they failed to grasp my son's attention. He would look at the blocks for a few minutes and then move on to something else.  They are WAY too big for a baby to hold, which is frustrating when you need something to keep your child entertained. By the time the baby is old enough to hold the blocks, they are interested in much more advanced, entertaining toys. Also, I didn't try to wash them, so I don't know how they clean up.  I did like that the blocks are soft and safe for babies, so you don't have to worry about them hurting themselves. They stack nicely too. I also like that they are very colorful and have things to look at on many of the sides... it's too bad my son didn't feel the same way. 


Spring Hill, TN


Baby Einstein Discover Blocks were engaging from the first day!


Baby Einstein Discover and Play Color Blocks were a hit from day one! I received these as a baby shower gift and didn't think much about them, other than I liked the general look of them. When I brought our baby home, I tossed a few into her crib without thinking. Babies at this age tend to be amused as much by the warning labels on items as they are toys. I didn't think she would pay much attention to them. I was pretty much wrong. I caught her staring at them often and then eventually cooing at them. She then graduated to creeping at them. Knocking over the blocks were a great activity when her siblings stacked them...no need to worry about baby getting hurt when the blocks fall, as they are good quality foam. Now, at 15 months, she throws them at her older siblings. Yet again, a good reason they are foam! Each block has its own special attribute. The green block vibrates when you pull on the frog...that was not quite a favorite as it disturbed her slightly. The blue block rattles, The yellow block squeeks when you squeeze it and has a peekaboo mirror. The red one has a melodic bell. The blocks have different textures and pictures.  The down side that I have noticed, 15 months later, is that they look like they need a good washing, and I'm not quite sure how I should do it. The instructions say they are not machine washable...maybe a good soaking, huh? I would purchase this item again, and will probably use them as a baby shower gift!


Kearney, MO


my son love


We first gave these as a gift to a friend before we had our own baby. Her baby loved them so we bought them for our own baby. I like that they are colorful and soft and easy for baby to hold and play with. It is fun that they have different texture on the different sides and make crinkly noisy when babies play with it. I wish they had more than four in a pack. One of the toys has a frog and you can pull its leg and the block vibrates, my son thought this was hilarous. The one thing I did not like about the block is that i didnt feel like they could be put the blocks in the washing machine when they got dirty so when a baby accident happen I had to throw the block away. I think it would have been fun it they would have played a song. It would have helped if they had tags on them. Another thing I like is there was a mirror and my sone loved looking at himself in on the mirror that is on one of the blocks.


Galveston, TX


Baby Einstein Discover& Play Color Blocks

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