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Resistance Bands
Aylio Resistance Bands Exercise Training Kit

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Perfect resistance bands


I am a personal trainer and have tried countless resistance bands in the past.  I found the Aylio exercise bands to be perfect in terms of reliability, durability, and elasticity.  I recommend these to all my clients and show them how to use them properly.  If you don't have a trainer, Aylio provides over 100 videos on YouTube showing how to do various exercises and target all body parts.  Highly recommended!

Brooklyn, NY


aylio resistance bands exercise training kit is awesome.


this product was good for aerobic activity and musclular endurance.  i really felt the burn in my muscles and loved it.  Im impressed by the strength of the bands and how well they held up to the beating i gave them.  although it is important to make sure to very exercises.  i use these about 3 times a week.

Coralville, IA


I love Aylio


I can't say enough good things about this product.  I completely stopped going to the gym because of it and now just do 30 minute workouts at home with my husband.  I work out much more often because I used to not have time for the gym but I can almost always find time for these resistance bands.  I use 1 band and my husband uses the other 3 all together and we both love it.

Beverly Hills, CA


Good Idea, Poor Quality


I just purchased the Aylio resistance bands and have begun using them for the P90X workout. They do add something to my workouts, but I have worked with better resistance bands in the past. The resistance seems awfully low, but I have compensated by adding a loop on the floor and working primarily with the yellow band. This suggests to me that I'm not getting much more than maybe 20 pounds of resistance even after shortening, so the red and blue bands are no better than very light handweights. These are decent bands for working smaller muscle groups, but I'll still be relying on the pull up bar because it offers a much better workout. It does allow me to smoke myself a bit more in the first round because the bands work when I can no longer do pullups. After about 3x weeks of use, my yellow band just broke. The stitching ripped out. The blue and red don't offer enough resistance, so I am down to one semi-effective band. very dissappointed with this purchase. I'll probably end up investing in a set of weight selector dumbbells, I was trying to avoid the cost, but these bands are once again a case of you get what you pay for.

Woodbridge, VA


Aylio Resistance Bands Exercise Training Kit

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