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Avon Toni Twist & Fix

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For Help With the Bad Hair Days


Oh, how I wish that i had the finesse or the right hair, whatever it takes, to just throw my hair up when I don't or can't wear it down, and just walk out the door! It seems like everyone else can manage that but me. I also need to find a way to disguise my ponytails. I feel I'm too old to wear ponytails, but I'm more-or-less forced into wearing them as a martial arts instructor. I need to keep my hair up and out of my face. But, after class, if I need to head to the store, I don't want to walk around like that, but if I take the ponytail out, I'm left with that ring from the hair elastic.  This is what led me to trying the Avon Toni Twist & Fix. It's technically a hair extension, but I'm not using it to make my hair longer. I'm just using it to disguise my ponytails. Avon has a whole group of Toni Brattin-designed extensions. From the picture above, it looks like it's a long piece, but it's really just short pieces attached to a hair elastic. The person in the above pic most likely attached it to a ponytail. It comes in six different shades of brown and blonde. I have light brown hair with blonde highlights, so it's hard to get a good color match. When I tried the light brown Twist & Fix, it was too dark for my hair, so I switched this up with a dark blonde instead, which seems to match a little better. However, because the color match isn't perfect, I could have never worn my hair like the above picture. What I do is put the ponytail into a quasi bun, then twist the hairpiece around it like I'm putting in a hair elastic. It doesn't always work right, but the goal is to make it look like it's all pinned up.  The Toni Twist & Fix isn't the best, but it definitely does what I want it to. It disguises my ponytails and gives me something else to do with my hair if I don't want to wear it down. I will be getting another one, though, in a slightly different style. I want to get the Toni Ponytail-Curls, which has tight curls that are affixed with a claw clip. I'm hoping that on the occasions when the Twist & Fix doesn't work, that the Toni Ponytail-Curls will.


South Elgin, IL


Avon Toni Twist & Fix

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