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Avon Solutions Total Radiance Night and Day Cleanser

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Avon Solutions Total Radiance Night and Day Cleanser, Love it


I have to say that I totally love Avon Solutions Total Radiance Night and Day Cleanser. I personally think that it is the best cleanser. I have combination skin but I also have sensitive skin. I have used many other cleansers, cleaning pads, and cloths but they would dry my skin out and it didn't feel good. I would always have to apply lotion after I washed my face. This Avon cleanser is easy to apply and it washes of so easy. It has a light fragrance that smells good. After I rinse it off, my face feels so smooth and soft. I don't have to apply lotion. It smells nice too. It is a good price and lasts awhile too. My husband is even using it now and he likes it too. He has sensitive skin as well. Effectiveness It cleans very well. Ease of Application You put a dab on your hands and rub them together then rub it on your face. Can't be easier than that. Scent I love the scent of this cleanser. It's not to strong. It's very light but it smells good.

Modesto, CA


Day and Night Cleanser is great!


I do like Avon Solutions Total Radiance Day and Night Cleanser - at first I was not too sure of it and thought that it would be too greasy and leave my skin feeling TOO moisturized, but after trying it, I liked it ver much - I like the fragrance, first of all, which is very light and pleasant - and I liked the way that it made my skin feel and appear. It felt very refreshed and clean and looked very bright - it is not too heavy on my skin and washes off very easily, which is important - that helps to make things quicker when washing my face - I wish that the price was a little more reasonable, but overall, the product is very much worth the price. The packaging, as well, is good - it is easy to handle.

Bensalem, PA


Avon Solutions Total Radiance Night and Day Cleanser

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