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Avon Foot Works Lavender Overnight Treatment Cream

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My Aspiring Foot Spa Daughter Loves Using This!


Since my daughter has been small, her ideal career goal has been to be a gourmet chef that also has a spa on the side of her five star restaurant. She takes great joy in practicing her spa techniques by trying out the latest foot care treatments. One of the items she has tried out on me a lot is the Avon Foot Works Lavender Overnight Treatment cream. I have dry feet with callouses on them as well as cracks all over my skin. This cream is a favorite in our family. Scent I love the fresh lavender scent of this overnight treatment cream. It is lavender, but not so intense that I feel repelled by it. The scent lasts just long enough to give me a feeling of well being, but not so much that it overtakes a room. Absorption This overnight treatment cream is not greasy at all, but soaks into the feet quickly and with great effect. My feet are left moist and re-energized. I have to admit I was surprised at how nice this foot cream is to my feet, and how after applying it, if I have to run to the bathroom, I don't have greasy feet. It does improve effectiveness if you wear wool or other socks to bed at night with it on. Effectiveness I love how this overnight treatment cream leaves my feet feeling refreshing and soft in the morning. My feet feel like I had an expensive spa treatment. I have had my daughter apply many different products to my feet, including some pretty expensive ones over time, and this is one of our favorites. She also applies it around the nail bed and my toes are left much softer and nicer too.


Podunk, NY


Avon Foot Works Lavender Overnight Treatment Cream


**Avon Foot Works Lavender Overnight Treatment Cream **comes in a 3.4 FL. OZ. easy to use flip top tube. It is a deep moisturizing cream wth Lavender extract, cocoa butter and shea butter. It promises to hydrate skin overnight. It should be applied liberally every night. For best results, you should cover your feet with socks. Many people recommend cotton socks. However, cotton does absorb moisture. This is an excellent product. It does its job well. The fragrance is not overbearing. Some of my friends say they use this product on their hands before gardening and dishwashing, for example. One co-worker, who has sensitive skin is allergic to the soap in the womens room. She moisturizes with **Avon Foot Works Lavender Overnight Treatment Cream** before washing her hands with the company provided soap and has had no allergic reaction to the soap since. That is a testimony of how** Avon Foot Works Lavender Overnight Treatment Cream **worked for her. It may not have the same result for others. All in all this is a great product.


Alton, IL


Avon Foot Works Overnight Cream


I absolutely loved this overnight cream from Avon! I had another foot product I wanted to buy and ended up finding a special where I could buy three foot products for the same price as one. So the price was awesome! I felt this was a very soothing cream to use at night. It felt really good to rub into my feet at the end of the day when my feet were tired from standing for long periods of time and the soft fragrance helped add a bit to the relaxation of it. I felt that it worked even better if I wore socks to bed once i had put on the lotion. This is a product that can be used every night but it didn't take more than a couple nights before I started to notice that my feet were softer and less rough and less dry. Only down sides to me were that the product only came in a 3.4 ounce tube so once I started using the product regularly I didn't feel like it lasted very long. Also since it is an Avon product you have to order it through an Avon rep.


Albany, MN


Avon Foot Works Lavender Overnight Treatment Cream

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