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Avon Clearskin Blackhead Eliminating Deep Treatment Mask

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This is an almost perfect product.


This is just wonderful. Unlike everything else I have tried, this actually works. I don't use it nearly as often as I should, but when I do blackheads disappear. Not all at once, but I have less of them every time I use this. I definitely recommend this to anyone with blackheads. Effectiveness Of course, I wish it worked a little better (Who doesn't want all their blackheads to go away after one use?), but it is very effective. I notice a huge difference between when I use it regularly and when I don't, regardless of other skin products. Ease of Application I have a hard time applying the right thickness. It usually comes out either too thin or too thick. I don't think this affects how well the product eliminates blackheads, but it makes it harder to peal off. Convenience It really isn't very convenient. It takes several minutes to dry. I live in a very humid climate, and it takes the mask at least fifteen minutes to dry. Obviously, it is quicker in dryer areas, but still isn't fast. Some people wouldn't mind, but to me, fifteen minutes is a long time to do nothing. Side Effects I haven't noticed any bad side effects at all. It does dry my skin out a little, but not any more than my skin needs anyway. I have very oily skin, and it might be a problem for people with dry skin.




Works well


I have a lot of blackheads on my nose and cheeks. i also have very large pores and oily skin. I wasn't exactly blessed in the good skin department. While this product doesn't totally rid my face of blackheads, I see a faintly noticeable difference after using it. It feels as if it sucks some of the oil from my face, which is always a good feeling, as my face is extremely oily at all times. It's a good price, in my opinion anyway. It's easy to use as well and doesn't take a really long time. I have bought this twice, once it was on special as a buy one get one free so that was even better. Avon's skin products are normally quite effective, and this one doesn't disappoint. Although I wish it worked a little better, I have to take whatever small victories I can get as far as my skin is concerned. It's oily, breaks out at the drop of a hat, and is hard to control. So if this can make even a small diffference, I am happy!


Bellevue, NE


Avon Clearskin blackhead remover....


Hummm.....some may question this product because it comes from avon. yeah, I know it might not be as advertised as many of the other products but it is deffintly just as affective. I see that some may say it drys your skin out or cause redness but what products dont if they are trully working. I mean really...most other products sell you a huge array of things that your suppose to use in a "step process" but whats that all about??? Just another way for them to upsell you and get you to spend more money. And some people dont even use all the extra products that come in many of the packages. Well if you bought the moisturisers and spot treatments and everything else that comes with them, you would have the exact same things. Check the active ingrediants in the products before you complain and then you will see that this Avon Clearskin Blackhead Remover is just as effective as any of the others. But not to say the least...Avon Clearskin Blackhead Remover dosent coast as much as the others so you still have something to smile about...


Ogden, UT


AVON Clearskin is a great product!


I've used AVON Clearskin Blackhear Remover since it was first introduced. As an AVON rep, I always try out as many products as I can. This blackhead remover is amazing. My skin looked better very quickly. It causes no burning or irritation. I used to use Retin-A and it dried my skin up badly. This AVON product does not leave my skin dry at all. I have tried so many facial cleansing products, from the expensive ones to the bargain bin close outs. This cleanser is fantastic!! I am a really into skin care and only want the very best. This cleaner is emollient and non-irritating. Unlike most facial cleansers that contain sharp gagged walnut shell fragments, this cleanser has soft beads that gently exfoliate dead skin. It leaves your face feeling clean, revitalized and very soft. You won't be disappointed. Many thanks to AVON for making a high quality, reasonably priced solution to my acne needs.


Visalia, CA


Avon Clearskin Blackhead Eliminating Deep Treatment Mask Review


The Clearskin Blackhead Eliminating Deep Treatment Mask from Avon is pretty great. It's nice and smooth with a acne treatment in it. The mask starts out blue and then dries down to a very little blue or almost white color so you know that it is all dry and ready to wash off. It comes off pretty easily with just some warm water and makes your skin feel great. I guess one big downfall for me it that it does leave behind a blue residue that you don't see on your face but if you took cotton balls and some toner to wipe over your face you would find the cotton ball is all blue. You need to go over it a couple times before it is all off. Also the price is a bit high for the amount that you get which is only 2.5 oz. Other than that, I love this mask treatment because it feels like it is actually getting into my pores. I love putting it on and coming out into the living room where my kids will just stare at me, especially my one year old who is a little freaked out with the way I look. Great product but not sure if I would buy it if it wasn't on sale.


Southwest, MI


Avon Blackhead remover works well


I purchased this product with hopes of my blackheads shrinking or disapearing.  I have not noticed a difference in my blackheadsm, but I have noticed other differences.  After I wash the blackhead remover off my face, my face feels less oily.  My face is not very oily, but it does take away any bit of oil off my face.  This can be bad, as if I use it too much my face becomes very dry and starts to peel.  I can't use this too often, or I will have to deal with a dry face.  If I use if every few days my face feels nice and soft, and it looks smooth. I have too complaints about this product. The first is the price.  It is a bit pricey for the small container you recieve.  Another complaint is that after you wash it off, it does not always completely wash off and you will have little spots of the cleaner on your face.  This can be embarrassing if you do not notice it.  It is necessary to make sure it is all washed off, and double check in the mirror.


Callicoon, NY


good product but drys out skin


this product is cheap and convenint to u. it does work but could use some inprovements. like with it drying out ur skin or it burning it u have sensitive skin. i think that the should make different types of blackhead treatment for people that do have sensitive skin. i mean what are those people suppose to do just deal with blackheads or deal with the burning or even worse the dry skin it causes and so u have to purchase face cream. i sell avon and i love all the products but there are a few that could use improvements like this one. my husband suffers from blackhead breakouts on his nose and forehead and his nose dryed out so bad it started to chap. so he had to quit using it. if they could find a way to improve these problems i truly believe it would be a wonderful product for people with blackheads. i mean who couldnt use a product that really help and is reasonable is price. i know i could.  


Alliance, OH


Avon Clearskin Blackhead Eliminating Deep Treatment Mask

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