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Avon Anew Ultra Cream Cleanser

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Not for the stereotypical use..


While it is meant to be a face cleanser, I have used Avon's Anew Ultra Cream Cleanser mainly as a make up remover. While it can be a little bit on the steep side, I usually buy this product when it goes on sale and stock up so that I can just get more when there is another sale. It works absolutely great though! Effectiveness The Avon Anew Ultra Cream Cleanser works great as a makeup remover. During the nights when I don't feel like doing every single step that I usually do in my nightly ritual, I use this product for my makeup remover, my eye makeup remover, and my cleanser. It works great for removing eye makeup gently, although depending on the amount of mascara I am wearing it can be a bit of a struggle occasionally. Ease of Application This cleanser is super easy to use. It even has a pump so you don't have to unscrew a cap or worrying about breaking the top of your lid. Scent It smells a bit floral, but it is very light and subtle.




Love the Effects


I love this product, Anew Ultra Cream Cleanser.  I am now on my 3rd bottle.  This is an anti-aging product for the Anew line by Avon.  It is a creamy cleanser that helps to moisturizer your face, remove unwanted oil, dirt and makeup.  Its good to use both morning and night.  It does not take a lot of extra time to apply and remove.  It leave your skin clean, refreshed, and feeling silk smooth.  I have had less acne also since starting to use this product.  Not only less acne, but during the summer months I have had a problem that many sunscreens will break my face out horridly and I am prone to sunburns which can leave your face in a very painful dry state and make it hard for you to look your best.  This product is some that I can easily wear make up over during the day and not have to worry as much with the use of sunscreens and still decrease the amount of sun burns I often experience.  However, when do have the unfortunate luck of getting a sun burn I can use this product afterwards and it does not sting and burn like most cleaners do.  I would highly recommend this product to anyone.


Crockett, VA


Avon Anew Ultra Cream Cleanser

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