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Color-Enhancing Shampoo
Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo

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A More Natural Option


A natural product so you don't have to worry about soaking in allergy inducing/reaction causing chemicals. It thoroughly cleanses the hair, has a lovely light scent, lathers up well & leaves your hair silky (not dried out & brittle like a lot of shampoos). In terms of it's toning power, I've definitely used more effective. Even if you leave this product on for five or more minutes it won't permeate the hair and give off a silvery hue. I'm not totally convinced it can combat the effects of "hard water" as my bleached hair still comes out pretty yellow. It is rather expensive for such a small bottle, so not the best value. Inconvenient to pick up because only available for sale at Aveda salons Effectiveness nice shampoo for cleaning the hair but lacks in toning power. Probably would work better with "city water" (mineral & iron free water); with "hard water" it is not tough enough to neutralize the minerals brassy effects. Scent Light & not overbearing. Would appeal to all.




If you're blonde, get Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo!


I bought **Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo** and conditioner at the advice of my hair stylist that works at an Aveda salon. I get my hair lightened to an almost bleachy blonde color and this product is supposed to "neutralizes brassiness in chemically-treated hair". Effectiveness I've been using this shampoo intermittently for about 5 months and I like it. It cleans my hair well and really helps with brassiness since my hair has red undertones. Scent I don't hate the smell of this shampoo, but I'm not in love with it either. Aveda tends to use earthy, botanical fragrances that I don't care for, but this one is nowhere near as bad as their Color Conserve line.


Camp Lejeune, NC


Awesome on Yellow & Orange Undertones: Especially Gradual Ombre!


I have dark brown hair and over 5 month ago i had the ombre style done to my hair. I have the gradual ombre meaning my stylist applied a very light brown to the middle of my hair and then bleached my tips and other sections. I Absolutely loved what she did. The colors were a mix of caramels gradually getting lighter (very JLO). Anyway, with time my Beautiful ombre turned verrrry orangy AND yellowish....i tried shimmer lights and i SWEAR it made it worse...THANK GOODNESS for this shampoo...with one shampoo (left it on for maybe 5 minutes) i already see a difference...it helped both my orangy and yellow tones. i couldn't be happier!! (i would only rate this "verry good" if it was exactly how i left the salon but its not quite there..... but that doesn't mean it wont happen eventually) Effectiveness Took away Orangy and Yellow Undertones. Perfect for a Gradual Ombre! Scent Its not bad....a little on the only lady side but a great conditioner should do the trick.




Brunettes beware


I think this really is best for light-haired beauties only. I have dark hair, so why did I try it? Blue hair dye molecules are smaller and tend to wash away faster than red or yellow molecules, giving a brassy effect over time. My stylist said I could apply a toner (more chemicals), or use a color-depositing shampoo, to address the loss of the blue molecules over time (about three weeks after coloring). I was curious to see if Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo would help keep my dark brown dyed hair stay true to color longer (I cannot use their Black Malva shampoo promoted for brunettes as I am allergic to a main ingredient). So, that's why. Sadly, this experiment flopped. The Blue Malva product did not help preserve or restore the ash tones in my dark hair or in any way counteract the brassy tones. In fact, I think it hastened my color loss and the development of brassy tones, since it has sulfates and is not as gentle a cleanser as I prefer to use on my hair. On that note I really hated the way Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo made my hair feel, it really felt stripped, kind of inflexible and straw-like and in major need of detangler/conditioner. I did love the smell though, as I do all Aveda products, but after two disappointing uses I gave the Blue Malva to my grey-haired mom and I gladly returned to my sulfate-free Dry Remedy line. I'll have to find another fix for brassiness.


Cambridge, MA


Aveda Blue Malva is great for blondes - spend less money!


I recently bit the bullet and purchased the liter of Aveda's Blue Malva shampoo. I love going to the salon to have my hair done because they always use this shampoo and it smells amazing - like almonds! Besides smelling amazing, it claims to keep blondes bright and without yellow/brassy tones. I've only just started using it, so I'm not sold on the long term effects. I will say, however, that after I use it (only once a week), I can see that my highlights are brightened when I get out of the shower, so my guess is that this will have some staying power in my beauty regime. I saw that one review claimed this product dries hair which concerns me as I have very dry hair as it is that I style daily making it even more dry. I haven't seen any drying yet, but will keep an eye out.


Chicago, IL


Aveda Blue Mauve really keeps gray hair shinny.


I have used Blue Mauve Aveda shampoo for a long time.  It is expensive, but you only have to use a small amount and it really cleans very good.  I have very gray hair and in the back it is still salt & pepper like, but blends in well with the gray hair.  My hair is very thin and you can see my scalp sometimes in the back, so I like to keep hair shinny and silver looking to try to cover this up.  When I do have to use a different shampoo, I seem to be able to see a real difference in the brightness of my hair.  I hate it when people's gray hair, starts getting a yellow cast to it.  I used to smoke, and my hair was always yellow looking, but now with the Aveda Blue Mauve shampoo, it looks very silver all the time.  I buy a large bottle and have a smaller bottle that I pour it into as the smaller bottle is easier to handle.  I would recommend this product to any gray haired person.  I buy mine at the hair saloon where I get my permanents.


Ludington, MI


Aveda Blue Malva takes the yellow right out of my blonde


  Aveda's Blue Malva is my go to shampoo & conditioner that turns my tresses from brassy to ashy. My blonde hair tends to turn yellow a few weeks after highlights, and I prefer my color to stay rich and vibrant with champagne tones. This is honestly the only product that I can wash in to my hair and completely changes its tone- it is my miracle hair product. I have noticed that for the absolute best results I leave either the shampoo or conditioner on my hair for at least 5 minutes to let it really soak in and neutralize the brassiness. I prefer using Aveda's line of blue malva, because it keeps my hair healthier than some of the other "blue shampoos & conditioners" that I purchased at a Beauty Supply store. I think that the plant essences and ingredients do wonders for my hair and leave it shiny and healthy. Every time I use the Blue Malva products it I have co-workers and friends complimenting my hair and asking if I had just gotten it colored. I love this product and would recommend it to any blondes that want to get the yellow out, and look more natural!


New York, NY


best shampoo for blonde hair


this is by far my favorite shampoo for hair that has been highlighted blonde. it reduces any orange tones. it keeps blonde bright in between getting it done. if i quite using it for a week my blonde is significantly darker. it is a little expensive but it lasts a long time if you buy the large bottle. you can also rotate it and use it every other wash to make it last longer.


Kennesaw, GA


Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo

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