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Ativa Router

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Good product, Some issues.


i am not really used to connecting a network, this was my first time.  It was sooooo simple to install, no problem hooking up to internet after installation.  My only problem was i work from home and i need fast, simple solutions. This modem so far has not offered that.

Greenville, MS


relatively cheap and works, but go elsewhere if you want quality


We've had this router for a little over a year and are just thankful that it's still working and we haven't had to spend money on a new one. It was easy to set up, but figuring out what's was wrong when it kept having issues wasn't so easy. It would often have the problem where all the lights were on except for the "Internet" light, which was just as good as if it had quit entirely. We'd unplug it and plug it back in and usually it would eventually start working again, but we got to the point where it was so frustrating that we borrowed an old extra router my dad had lying around. Then that one died and we were back to Ativa. We finally called customer service again and got someone really good who had us reset a couple of the settings on the router, and since then it's been working great. Just wish we'd known what to do sooner (the Help topics weren't much help) and hadn't needed to go through all that hassle. It is relatively inexpensive, though, so I guess you get what you pay for.

Birmingham, AL


Linksys equipment changed our living space for the better


Linksys router allowed my husband and I to have wireless in the bedroom as well as our computer room, while allowing our son to have his pc hardwired and play his online xbox games. It allowed us to keep wires off of the floor and from being nailed into our woodwork. The installation was extremely simple with the disc provided. We had no issues at set up - it worked immediately. I would highly recommend Linksys for anyone with a local cable company whose internet service is less than stellar and/or who only provide a hard line to one pc in the house. Our cable company had to come out three times to see why the wireless wasn't working in the house as well as our son's x box live - finally the third technician (an outside company) aditted to us the low quality of the cable company's equipment and recommended we purchase Linksys. We haven't looked back since.

Leonia, NJ


great router for a great price


great router for a very good price after the rebate.  router hooks up and comes up and my computers hooked up to it immediately.  the only tricky part was the encryption and that is very easy to do if you use the included software.  good range in an old house that has two stories and thick plaster walls.  i get an excellent signal throughout the home.   belkin makes this router for office depot but with the office depot rebate it was very inexpensive.  i believe the router has a range boast setting that i am not using at this time.  the router hooked up to my dsl modem and does not lock up or drop out over time.  it is on all the time.  all three of my computer hook up immediately and there are no drop outs.   i am very impressed with this router and would recommend it to anyone.

Belleville, IL


Ativa Router

4.0 4