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Asus Notebook PC

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Nice, light-weight laptop to take with you on the go


I have the Asus X83VB laptop which I bought back in February of this year, '09. I like the quality of the laptop, but I found the screen to be a tad fragile. I'm not sure what happened, but I was using it to pas the time away while I was donating plasma, and I had just put it away so that I could get ready to go home. A friend of mine was there donating as well and his battery had died on his lappy so I told him that he could borrow mine. When I opened it back up the bottom right corner of the screen was bleeding. I don't recall bumping it nor did I drop it so I am not sure as to why that happened. Needless to say, I went online to see what I could do about getting the screen replaced. I was told that my laptop was not eligible for the one year accidental damage warranty program through Asus because I bought it from Best Buy. Well naturally this upset me extremely, but I was able to get a hold of a customer service rep that assured me that they would indeed fix my screen for free, and she came through for me. I sent my lappy out July 22nd and got it back July 30th. I was very pleased with the prompt service and return. I like the act that the laptop is small and light weight but I do wish the screen and keyboard were a little bigger, but all in all this is an excellent laptop.  

Tucson, AZ


This Asus is one of he best laptops i have used.


It is all around great system. If I had to it over, I would buy it again. For the most part the only bad thing with it is when you first load new software it is a little slow,but after it seems to adjust to it things pick back up. In the time I have had it I have recommended it to every one who askes about the computer I would buy if I was to buy a new one.

Hondo, TX


This laptop has a lot for its reasonable price tag.


i bought this laptop after spending many hours scouring the internet for reviews. I was looking for something that I could do the simple things on (email, music, etc) efficiently and also that would allow me to do some basic gaming (World of Warcraft). All of this must also fit into my limited budget, and for a laptop, this was a big order. I came across this laptop on Best Buy's website and immediately looked up Cnet's review. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this laptop had a discrete graphics chip that would be able to handle WoW and was still affordable. It does just what I want it to do, but it of course does have its downsides. First, my cd/dvd drive broke within the first 6 months of owning it. Also, I tend have difficulty connecting to wireless networks. It will get it eventually, but sometimes it takes time and patience to achieve that. Also, the battery life is short! I am in a situation where I can plug it in most of time, but it is annoying that it is not as portable as I would like it to be. Overall, the price and the features make this a compelling purchase for someone who is wanting to do everyday work efficiently and dabble in some light gaming.

Bedford, IN


Asus Notebook PC

4.7 3