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As Seen On TV Windshield Wonder

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Flexible Windshield Wiper Handled Tool


So easy to clean windshield from the driver's seat with a flexible handle long enough to reach the whole window. Microfiber pad picks up dirt and also does a great job absorbing moisture condensation.


Spokane, WA


It really works!


I thought this was just another "As Seen on TV"gadget that wouldn't live up to the hype. But guess what - it actually works really well. My minivan has a deeply slanted windshield and I always felt like a Cirque de Sole contortionist trying to clean it.The Windshield Wonder cleans well, leaves the winshield streak free. The angle of the handle makes it easy to reach into that tight space and still apply enough pressure to actually do some cleaning - unlike the rag wrapped around a yardstick that I had been using :-). I also like that it comes with a second cleaning bonnet.


Tuckerton, NJ


Cool idea, but needs some work!


We received the Windshield Wonder from my mother after she had seen on a TV program where they tried it out and it really worked. We were really excited that it was going to work because, as you know, no one likes to clean windshields and back windows because they are so hard to reach! My husband hates a dirty windshield, too, so this was perfect!  I washed the car and tried it out. It cleaned the windows, yeah, but it seemed to leave streaks which really annoyed me! I cannot stand a streaky windshield when I'm driving at night, so it drove me crazy! i tried using the little spray bottle it came with filled with water like it said to, and i also tried using window cleaner with it. Overall, I was disappointed. I like the idea, but I just don't feel like it did what it said it would do. Since then, it has been stored in my shed with the car cleaning supplies, but I haven't used it since. I may give it another try, but most likely it will be in the next garage sale I have. 


Dyersburg, TN


It's okay


I just bought it and it's not the greatest but does work for smudges and fog build up. The only thing I don't like about it is the handle on it. It hurts my palm of my hands when I press against it. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt if I was wearing gloves. Hopefully it works out better for others.


Plummer, MN


Old Fashion Elbow Action Vs Windshield Wonder Not!


The Windshield Wonder, well it isn't a product I would buy again, It is cheaply made, you are not able to put any pressure on the handle ,it comes apart from the cylinder connection. It looks like a swifter copy, but for car windows. I felt it not practical to have in the car, how can you fit this product in the glove compartment, not possible.  I'll go back to my Vinegar & water and paper toweling and little elbow action. The cost of this product is more then Paper toweling & vinegar . Who are they trying to fool!  




Great for when too many people talking in the car in the winter


**Thanks mom!** **My mother brought this for me when she was using my car. I guess the windows didnt clear up fast enough for her. lolol! I have to say this works great. Had a car full of 5 15year old boyz and they wouldnt stop the chatter! Windows were fogging faster that the air could come in. It was only 32 degrees outside and it was rainning....grrrrr! Whipped this wonderous item from under my seat, put the one in the front to work and BAM! all clear.**


Westbury, NY


The Winshield Wonder is truly a remarkable cleaning tool!


The *Windshield Wonder *is truly a remarkable cleaning tool! It more than lives up to its name. It is a wonderful cleaning tool that is advertised "As Seen On TV". This cleaning tool really works! It comes with three cleaning pads: 2 pads for regular cleaning and one for hard to remove cleaning jobs. It is great for hard to reach places. All you use on the cleaning pads is tap water. It will clean the inside of your windshield and give it a sparkling shine! It will also clean windows and mirrors and not leave any film on the surface. The Windshield Wonder is certainly worth the price and you will find that you are extremely pleased with the results of its use.


Herndon, VA


As Seen On TV Windshield Wonder

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