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As Seen on TV
As Seen On TV Grease Bullet Cleaner

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It ate my skillet


I followed the directions on the tube that the product came in and when I rinsed my skillet found that the metal had been partially disolved.  I had to throw the skillet away so this product actually cost me money.  Beware of this product, if it can eat metal it could cause a whole lot more damage on a human.

Meyersdale, PA


Excellent for cutting built up grease on pots, pans and glass.


I love this product, but it comes in a cardboard carton and once it is opened and all the tablets aren't used, the rest becomes stuck together and to the tube. Needs better packaging. Not practcal if all tablets aren't going tobe used at once. I would recommend this product to others, but with this piece of advise. Use all or either throw the rest away or give it to a relative or friend to use. A waste of money.

Brooklyn, NY




I saw this product on "does it really work" and it did a wonderful job at cleaning grease. All you need is hot water and it wipes away completely. I couldn't believe it worked because I'm always skeptical about items sold on commercials. When they put this product to the test on the news the results really did amaze me. I hope everyone feels the same way.

Moscow, PA


Product that transforms old to just like new again.


TV Grease Bullet Cleaner as seen on TV appears to be an outsanding product.  This product can save a lot of money by turning your old worn out greasy pots and pans to just like new again.  I along with many others tend to buy new pots and pans just because of the appearance of them.  No one wants to keep old dirty looking pots and pans around because it causes you not to have any enthusiasm about cooking and baking.  With the grease bullet cleaner, you are motivated and inspired to cook and bake because you have pots and pans that look new again.

Baton Rouge, LA


No changes in my pots & pans


When I saw the infomercial I was extremely excited to try this new product. I had old pans that I would like to try and save instead of throwing them away. I tried the bullets on slightly dirty dishes to see how well this product would work. I started with two tablets and soaked the pans for five hours, nothing happened. I drained the water, and added two more tablets to hot water. I soaked the dishes over night. Still nothing happened, I ended up throwing away the remaining bullets and called it a day. You will a get less toxic, quicker, much less expensive and much, much better results using a scouring pad and a little elbow grease

Saint Louis, MO


As Seen On TV Grease Bullet Cleaner

2.8 5