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Arrid XX Solid - Ultra Fresh

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Arrid XX Ultra Fresh: Grest Protection for a Low Price


A personal care product that has been around for a long time and still works well is Arrid deodorant. Arrid makes a few different varieties and I have had good success with all of them. A good example is **Arrid XX Solid Ultra Fresh.** **Deodorant Commentary:** Arrid XX Solid Ultra Fresh is a stick style deodorant that glides on easily and lasts a long time. The product is almost powder- like in its application with only a small amount of moisture that fades away in due time. Arrid XX Solid Ultra Fresh offers a good deal of protection and the odor- fighting ingredients continue to protect for a full day and beyond. I have used some deodorants that simply cannot handle a full day- they start to fail once they reach the sixteen hour mark. This Arrid product, however, continues to fight against odor all day and all night. Arrid XX Solid Ultra Fresh is good for general wetness protection and even though it is a stick deodorant, it doesn't leave behind any white streaks. Most of my clothing is lighter in color, but even when I wear darker colored shirts, I do not notice any stains from using this brand. **Bottom Line Viewpoint:** I like to use different deodorants and I will often swap out one brand for another, just to sample something new or re- use an old favorite. Arrid XX Solid Ultra Fresh is certainly an old standby. It still offers a good deal of odor and wetness protection and it is priced right, making it one of the better deals in underarm protection.

Houston, TX


So Far The Best Deodorant For Me


Arrid XX Ultra Fresh has been so far the best deodorant for me. Even though I sweat like rain and it does not completely stand up against wetness protection, it hold strong against smell protection. I unfortunately think I have an enormous sweating problem and so nothing has really worked for me as far as that is concerned. I have tried almost every type of deodorant, anti-persperant out there. Arm-n-Hammer, Axe, Sauve, Secret, Sure, Tom's of Maine, etc etc. From clear solids to regular ones like this, to roll-on and even aersol sprays; from men products to women, nothing has helped far as wetness - anyone that can recommend one to me?? or knows of another way to subside or decrease extreme excessive wetness and sweating?? Arrid has been pretty much the best as far as odor protection. I also like this particular brand because of its light fresh scent, I have sensitive skin, so it pretty much does not irritate it like many deep-fragranced brands of deodorant - hence its great for either men or women. In addition I really have seen that the Arrid begins to stain my clothes in the arm-pit area like many of other deodorants. It was fairly affordable, comes it different sizes and scents, and is almost always for sale everywhere I have looked. Generally speaking, I would recommend this product, and if you don't sweat cats and dogs like me, it probably will be an outstanding deodorant for you.

Arden, NC


Arrid XX Solid is the only one for me!!


When I was a teenager, I suffered from profuse sweating and I am a female! I would sweat through two shirts and the wetness would embarrassingly show clearly. I tried every antiperspirant/deodorant out there! NOTHING worked. As a young adult, however, I FINALLY found Arrid XX Dry and have never changed since then. I have used other Arrid XX types, such as this one, the Solid-Ultra Fresh. It does have one downside and that is that it does leave a mark on your top if it is a dark color, so you have to be careful. I avoid any problems by putting on my top or dress and then applying the deodorant. It is also reasonably priced, which is a huge plus for me! :)

Glendale, AZ


For 22 years Arrid XX has worked for Len and me


Arrid XX has been in our household ever since we moved to Florida, back in 1988.  Our English deodorants were just not up to the job of July/August heat. I purchase many of the different fragrances but the Ultra Fresh has an outdoor linen smell to it.  It does exactly the same as all the other Arrid XX I have in the house. They come in a 2.7 ounce (77 g) roll on deodorant.  These are not the wet ball kind, but a white dry type, that almost feel like a powder. It certainly works all day long, so I can vouch for the 24 hour protection they claim it to give.   The Arrid XX stands for 'extra extra dry' and this solid antiperspirant deodorant does just that. The active ingredient is aluminum ziconium tetrachlorohydrex gly 19%. The only problem I find with this deodorant, and it really annoys me, is that if I put dark clothes on after using it, I can get white marks on them.  I have to be really careful how I pull them over my head, and put my arms through. It works outstanding, but because of the marks on clothing, I have to rate it down to 4 stars. Even though I try, and use other deodorants, this one will always be in my bathroom.

New Port Richey, FL


Arrid XX Solid - Ultra Fresh

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