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Excited About This Company!!


When it comes to beauty products I am constantly learning about new application techniques and on the look out for quality low cost makeup. I read an article on "Indie" Makeup Companies that I had never heard of, Aromaleigh.com was one that stood out for me. The variety of makeup seems endless, I especially like the eye shadows. Every shade has a color swatch of the shade on actual skin,the colors are absolutely gorgeous, each having a unique name, I especially like the Gatlatica line.The price for a full size container is around $7, but the awesome thing is this company offers sample bags, the cost is around a dollar, and it's well worth it! I love so many of the shades, and cannot wait to order more. I do recommend using a base or primer because this is how I made the colors stand out, like the color swatches online. I also wanted to try their mineral foundation,there's a few different formulas for skin types, I tried the glissade formula, which I found worked for my skin the best. Now I always use a primer before applying makeup and Aromaleigh.com has a wonderful mineral primer, that blurs out imperfectionns. I am so impressed with the combination, I have never seen my skin look so natural with makeup on. These too come in samples, that cost around 2 dollars. This company has a variety of products, I found the "Twilight" face and body powder to be so unique, if you have watched the movie, you can imagine the sparkle this leaves on the skin. Since this was my first time trying this company I limited myself, but I'm sure to be a repeat customer. The turn around time is stated on the website, which means it takes time to individually package each product, but my order was shipped out 2 days after I placed it, and arrived fairly quick. I must add that all ingredients are labeled for every product, this is NOT a company that resells another companies product.If you are looking for a new makeup line, it's worth a shot to try out this company. Since they offer samples in alot of their products, it's easy to find the right shade, color you want, instead of wasting money on full size products that may not match what your skin. I am truly excited about this company and the many products they offer.



Old review


** ~2011 Aromaleigh is under new management.** Kristen is still associated with aromaleigh as the Creative Director. http://dormantdream.com/2011/10/02/big-changes-new-directions-aromaleigh-v-2-new-management-and-more/ She makes the best eye shadows I have ever seen, but was getting overwhelmed with running the business, so this is the best move for her. All the best for aromaleigh V.2!

Chapel Hill, NC




Aromaleigh is by far the best makeup I have ever come across, and I used to spend over 800 dollars every few months at sephora. 100 dollars on just foundation! it's ridiculous! now I pay 16 dollars for foundation that lasts 6 months. definitly the best makeup, as far as quality goes, you can't beat it, even the expensive mac brand isn't as good as this. aromaliegh is BEAUTIFUL, goes on smoothly, and stays all day. If I had 1000 dollars to spend, I would spend it all on aromaleigh and probably still have money left! its only 8 dollars for eyeshadow that lasts forever, so you can buy tons of different colors, and you wont even come close to getting sick of it. after you buy one red eyeshadow, your gonna want another shade until you have them all! Trust me, way worth it, and your bank account (and husband and children) will thank you. Plus its mineral makeup so its good for your skin, I can fall asleep in it and wake up and my skin is still amazingly clear, I haven't had any breakouts since I started using them. <3

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA


Beautiful make up, beautiful people


I LOVE Aromaleigh. I love their product and their website. I love that they give you 3 free samples with each order. I love that their samples are so generous. I love their colors. Their mineral make up is the only one that is fair enough for my skin! I made my first ever purchase over a year ago, a batch of samples for the mineral foundation. I'd had such a hard time finding a match for my skin that I was skeptical but I paid for the samples anyway. I also tried their primer and finisher at the urging of a friend. If I never used anything else, I would use the primer. It is amazing!! I love that their foundation is not sparkly, and that with the primer it doesn't settle into the fine lines on my face. It goes on smooth, and quickly and covers beautifully. I also prefer buying from a smaller retailer whenever possible. The myriad of eye shadows are a bit overwhelming at first, however with experience I now am completely in love with them! I have several and I've yet to find a shadow that doesn't flatter me. If you join their Facebook group, you'll find that they are personable and fun, it's nice to see the person behind the desk.

Nampa, ID


Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies. Aromaleigh.com did!


**Quick View: Aromaleigh.com** has an astounding amount of shades and formulas of mineral makeup but they lied to me and strung me along. I wouldn't shop there if everything was free and I got $10.00 rebate on each product I chose. **My Aromaleigh.com Story**A while ago, I was doing some research into mineral makeup for a beauty column I write elsewhere on the net. I contacted four smaller mineral makeup companies and asked for small samples of their products in exchange for fair reviews and for a mention in my column. One site I contacted was **Aromaleigh.com. **They were very friendly to me and accommodating. They readily agreed to provide me with some samples and asked me what I was interested in. I had many conversations with their head customer rep and one with the owner who publicly proclaimed that she would be sending off the samples on her forum. In the meantime, I had already received my samples from the other companies (and was quite pleased with them all!). I was waiting for Aromaleigh.com to send me the last set of samples as promised many times so I could finish my article. This was months ago and they never came through. I wrote them several times after they made nice with me publicly and privately and they ignored me. WHY? Who knows? But there is more than one way to skin a cat as they say. I had a friend of mine order a few items. I didn't want to use my name because I wanted to make a fair assessment of their service and policies without my name attached. Apparently the site owner decided I wasn't worth talking to or dealing with so, I asked my friend to make the order. **The Experience**This site has loads and loads of shades of every type of mineral makeup from foundation to eye shadow. It easily has the most variety of any sites I have been on. It is very hard to know what to order, what shades to get, and what everything is. There is so much explaining about the products on the site that one could easily get frustrated and go elsewhere. Together, my friend and I chose three items from the vast array and went through the ordering process which wasn't too complicated. The products took quite a while to arrive. I was surprised they even did given the way they have a habit of ignoring people and disappearing as they did with me. In fairness to them, the order did arrive in about 19 days. The products were simply packaged and there were a few samples included. The products were decently priced. They were more expensive than the other companies I dealt with but not shockingly so. The quality was average. I wasn't blown away with anything but neither was anything dreadful. I definitely liked *My Mineral Glitters* better as far as the way the products felt on my skin but everyone is individual with that. We did not try to return anything or deal with customer service because I had already done so before the fact. I was lied to on an open forum for all to see and in email several times. I was led on, strung along, and promised things that never were going to happen. My column suffered and was delayed and I was treated like dirt. I had NO desire to go back into that pit again. I have the products I need now to write my column and will be doing so - fairly. As far as dealing with **Aromaleigh.com** again? NOT A CHANCE. I am a busy woman with honest intents. If these people felt the need to back out of sending a few samples to me, a letter saying so would have been thoughtful. I have no issues about purchasing samples of products for my columns. I just need to know policies. They told me one thing and did another. I don't take kindly to that when there are so many there good sites out there. **My Viewpoint** **Aromoleigh.com** talks a big talk. They have many products and some may be great. I wasn't blown away by what I sampled but I wasn't turned off either. Their stuff is similar to many other smaller mineral makeup companies'. It's the service that makes the difference. I was lied to and I was misled. Thus, I can assume I am not the only one who gets the sweet talk then is stabbed in the back. I know of several others who have had bad experiences with customer service at this site. ***I give it 2 stars.*** I would go with 1 but we did get the order eventually (that was paid for) and it was as described. However, I don't trust these people and I suggest you go to My Mineral Glitters (www.mymineralglitters.com) or LotusMinerals (www.lotusminerals.com) if you want to try mineral makeup that is of high quality and where you can feel confident that customer service will treat you right. These two sites are the ones I have returned to, spending well over $250.00 so far for products. As for **Aromaleigh.com**, good riddance. I feel the integrity of any online store lies with the top people and the top people lied to me many times. That says it all. *Steer clear.*

The heart of , NY


Aromaleigh overall, great- so many choices can be overwhelming!


This is my review of Aromaleigh.com that I also shared at Epinions. I love this website, I do. But, they have so much to offer that it can be really overwhelming for me. It's not that the site is badly organized or anything, but just that I have never had so many possibilities. I like to shop fast and check out fast. I can check out fast with Aromaleigh, but deciding what to buy from the multitude of pretty shades is just a huge task. I'm sorry, Aromaleigh, I'm just not up to it! What do I like to buy? Mineral makeup eyeshadows and pigments. I'm a pigment lover, particularly MAC, but these are a costly afford Aromaleigh gives me a chance to obsess over tons of colors and not burn my wallet. (And obsess I do, since it takes me forever and a day to decide what they heck to buy!)The fact that Aromaleigh offers samples of all of these expansive eyeshadow collections is comforting, because without that option I would be totally lost. Samples and full-sizes are reasonable, although not as cheap as the other companies I have dealt with. Then again, these other companies don't have the quality or variety that Aromaleigh does.  I don't mind spending extra for this, but shopping with Aromaleigh requires more hours in my day. Do you have an auto-suggest option? ha ha ha.The products I currently recommend are the Gothic Lolita collection and Opulent Lustres. $8 a jar $1 for a samle. I also recommend the Elemental Lustres eyeshadow ( $8.00 each- $6.00 on sale ). These are metallic frosts, they go on so smooth and satiny, like a liquid metal. Also, ANY Limited Edition collection. You just can't go wrong with these and Aromaleigh has been making certain shades permanent, which is fantastic. Love Spring Solstice and Hot In the City!  What didn't work for me: Aromaleigh blush.rouge, whatever you call it. I hate blush and I wanted to like it, but I just look like a clown. Wanted to like it, not for me. Also like my lip products REALLY pigmented. Aromaleigh's are too natural looking for my tastes. But real nice ingredients and shades. Just not my thing.Shipping: Orders arrive really quick with priority mail, first class mail can be a lot slower- WARNING!!!!!Customer Service: Aromaleigh's new customer service rep rocks. He's cool, and easy to deal with. The old one was ok, but pretty uptight. Got the job done but could easily find her emails sterile and overly scripted. Not good for me.What I want:More PIGMENTED lipsticks, foolproof blush shades that don't make me look like a cheap pole dancer, and  some way to buy eyeshadows that doesn't overwhelm me. Everything else is pretty cool and I am a happy customer

Morrisville, PA



4.3 6