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Armstrong Laminate Wood Flooring

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warranty doesn't cover pet urine


Armstrong Grand Illusions Cherry Bronze is beautiful when you first install it. Doesn't stand up to daily wear & tear. Don't drop anything - chip or dents. Don't move anything - scratches easily. Don't have any pets - urine ruins the boards. Don't buy more of the flooring to correct the problem - they changed it and you can't integrate them in. You have to remove the flooring from the wall in to reach the damaged board.Don't contact customer service - their response is to give you a copy of the warranty.



Love these floors


We purchased our laminate floors and love them!  They are so easy to keep clean with the kids and dogs.  No more carpet getting stained.  Easy to maintain and can not see any scratches in the floors.  Would definetly recommend.

Arlington, TX


spend the extra money, buy real wood flooring


After moving into our house that was already nine years old, I decided I was tired of looking at the wear patterns on the upstairs carpet and opted for wood floors. We went to a discount flooring store and found some excellent choices, both in the real wood and laminate wood floors. We really wanted real wood, and the cost isn't that much high per square foot than laminate. However, the installation is much higher. We selected the Armstrong laminate flooring, and it was fairly easy to install. The "snap and click" technology makes it simple. That's the positive side. On the negative side, these floors mark up easily and require constant maintenance. You can't walk barefoot or you'll have feet marks everywhere. Don't dare drop anything with a sharp edge--I learned this when I dropped a picture frame--or you'll have a gash taken out of it. Even some basic kids toys have dinged up the floors. Real wood may do this as well, but it won't leave a white gash mark, it'll leave a mark that is the same color as the rest of the floor, because it's real wood. I would steer toward the real wood flooring, but if you have to go with laminate, Armstrong is a well-known brand.

Wichita, KS


Armstrong Laminate Wood Flooring

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