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Utopia Dream Home Laminate Flooring

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I wouldn't recommend it.......


This flooring is absolutely horrible. We have only had it for 4 years and have to replace the whole thing because it's falling apart. Design The flooring is very aesthetically pleasing initially. Durability Our flooring is only 4 years old and already needs to be completely replaced. Good luck getting them to abide by that 10 year warranty. We used this in our living rooms, kitchen and dining room. Our kitchen is very heavy traffic, but I have made sure to care for the flooring as instructed, made sure there was never any liquid left on the floor etc. Where I stand to cook and where I stand to clean dishes are completely worn out, to the point where the press board underneath is showing through.....this started happening after only a year. Additionally, after only a few months the threshold pieces started falling apart and now, at 4 years, are completely destroyed. Ease of Installation It was as easy as any other laminate flooring to install



With Dream Home Laminate Flooring, it's like living in Utopia !!


  While renovating our home this past summer (2009) we overhauled & expanded our bedroom & closet space and also installed new flooring. Coming to a decision on what we wanted wasn't easy. Needless to say the selections were many, a bit mind boggling really. We wanted the most cost effective flooring for our budget and after much debate we agreed on **Utopia-Dream Home Laminate Flooring in American Cherry.** We needed 425 square feet of laminate which is actually 17 boxes of flooring. This was not an inexpensive venture, however, we purchased everything we needed at Lumber Liquidators and the price per foot was reasonable. This kind of flooring, also known as floating laminate, can be self-installed which is what we did. All pieces fit and click tightly into one another kind of like a puzzle. Each piece measures 7 5/8 inches wide and 1/4 inch thick. It takes a little doing but with proper instruction and patience, before we knew it the floor really began to take on its beautiful new personality. We laid this over Dream Home Quiet Walk Underlayment with Moisture Barrier which has an antimicrobial composition and an attached vapor barrier. It's made from recycled materials and is fire retardant. It really helps reduce noise so I guess they don't call it "quiet walk" for nothing. **Summary of Utopia Advantages**: - It features four construction layers: 1) Overlay Paper or Aluminum Oxide finish.2) Pattern Layers, decorative or species appearance image.3) High Density Fiberboard4) Balancer or Stabilizing Layer Utopia flooring is also non-allergenic and has a 10 year warranty. The manufacturer recommends Bellawood Floor Care Kit which consists of a gentle soy-based cleaner, a washable terry cloth mop head (with handle of course) and 100 felt pads to be placed under furniture to further protect the floor. This wasn't an easy project but it was well worth every bit of the effort we put into it.Our floor is looking great these days!  I love the way it warms up the look of the bedroom, we even used this into the closets and bathroom. It's so easy to clean, it has a soft shine and I really love the American Cherry color.  If you're considering this type of flooring, it's best to learn as much as you can about installation, padding and everything you need to make it work right for you. It will take time and patience but the end result is very rewarding.  I can't say enough good things about it !   ** ** ****  

Boston, MA


Utopia Dream Home Laminate Flooring, the one you can do yourself


**Have you ever tried to lay down laminate flooring yourself?** Well, I have and watching self help programs on TV helped but do not give you all the answers. I have tried on two small floors (bath and hall) first. What a mess, sure it looked easy on TV. They forget to tell you that when the boards don't seem to go together, its okay. It's not the boards. Don't quit and hire someone or toss the job. There is a science to this thing. Once you get the first one to snap then you know the angle you must use and it goes smoother after that. To get them to snap you have to place them in the position that you need and push down hard on both ends, applying pressure as you go down. I have tried three different types and the Utopia Dream Home has been the easiest by far. It  has a 10 year warranty and an 800 number that you can call at any time for help. I used the 6mm x 193mm x 1290 mm in American Cherry and it is awesome. I am a single mom and will tell you that you can not do this by yourself. You do need a partner because you will need assistance in holding in place and cutting the boards. Please get someone that you can work with in ease. It does get very tedious at times but the finished product is incredible and will have saved you loads of money. We are on to the kitchen next!

Burlington, NC


Utopia Dream Home Laminate Flooring

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