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Arms Reach
4113-CN-P, 4111-NP
Arms Reach Co-Sleeper

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I love the convienence and comfort of having my baby near.


OK... so I really wanted this product bad.  I had my husband put it up as soon as we came home from the hospital.  It was nice knowing she was close at all times during the night without her being in the bed with us.  I didn't have to get up so much at night for feedings.  I just pulled her into bed with me and when she was done I put her right back into the co-sleeper.  Right now she is 9 months and playing in the converted playpen while I write this.  The playpen is a bit small for her but it's OK for short periods.  It would be much nicer if this was a travel type playpen or some way where we could use this while away from home.  But setup takes a bit of time.  So it's just used in my office.  Anyway... I like this product but a bassinet would probably work just as well.  With the co-sleeper attached to the bed, it makes getting in and out of the bed difficult.  It's large and I had to scoot all the way to the foot to get out of bed.  Which was very difficult after just having a baby.  A bassinet would have been more convienent... and more cost effective. 


Claremont, CA


The Co-Sleeper helps momma get some sleep!


I just had my baby a month ago, and I love having him sleep in the Co-Sleeper next to my bed! It fits snugly and securely next to my mattress, so all I have to do is reach my arm out to soothe him when he fusses in the middle of the night. It makes it so easy just to plug his binky back in; and all I have to do to check on him is simply open my eyes. I don't have to walk down the hall to his nursery; I don't even have to sit up in bed to peer into a bassinet. Just open my eyes -- and there he is. I also love how close he is because I am breastfeeding -- all I need to do is stretch my arms out and pick him up. The Co-Sleeper is a safer alternative to co-sleeping in bed with me -- I don't have to worry about me or my husband rolling over onto him, or our blankets smothering him. The Co-Sleeper gives me peace of mind. And that helps me get a good night's sleep. Well, for a few hours between feedings, anyway.


Ogden, UT


Arms Reach made my recovery so much easier.


I have had three children and all of them were c-sections, everytime, I was soo glad that I bought this bed before my first was born. I wanted them near me, almost in bed with me and the cosleeper fulfilled that description. I loved that it was safe and that I could hook it to our bed to prevent sliding or moving of it when I took the baby out. WE kept all three of our newborns in it until they were around five months old and even the heaviest at 24 lbs didn't damage it. WE took it on several trips and vacations and its very easy to fold and go. It is perfectly fine to look at, my only complaint would be that it can't be washed well. The whole thing is covered in fabric and so if your little one vomits or pee (from a baby boy) gets on the side, good luck getting it completely out. I wish the cover would come off the frame for washing but all in all, we LOVED it and i would buy it again in a heartbeat.


Veradale, WA


Great idea


I borrowed this from a friend for my newborn. It is such a great idea, that I will definitely buy one if I have another baby. It is basically a pack and play, where one side drops down and can be secured to your bed. If you plan on having your newborn sleep in your room, then I think this is the way to go. You can tend to the baby in the middle of the night without having to get out of bed. Especiallu great for breast feeding mamas, and moms that have had c sections. I still had to sit up to get baby, but it was better than climbing out of bed. It is also nice to be able to look at them when they are sleeping just to reassure yourself (especially if you are a first time parent). It is big and makes it a little bit of a pain to climb in and out of that side of the bed, but I believe there is a mini version as well, that would be better for smaller rooms. After your baby is passed to cosleeper/bassinet phase, you can use it as a play yard or portable crib.


Irvine, CA


Love this !


This bassinet is the best thing ever invented! I really lied the idea of co-sleeping with my infant, but was nervous at first because she was so small. This was a perfect match for us, It is easy to set up and attaches right to your bed. The baby is arms reach away which is perfect for a nursing mother. All I had to do when she woke up to eat was reach over and scoop her up! I never got out of bed. (I changed her right in my bed on a pad). I love all the storage options that come with it too. There are large pockets to put diapers, wipes, burp clothes.. whatever! And also a large storage unit on the bottom where I ended up storing all my packages of diapers and wipes. Very easy access to it! I felt very safe with this co sleeper and I liked how easy it was to nurse my daughter withought having to get up. The only con is- I never used it as a playpen- it seemed a bit to small to do that, but other than that I would reccomend this to any nursing or non nursing mother.


Manchester, CT


Convenient but only if your bed is not too tall


Buying the Arms Reach co-sleeper was a very wise decision for me. It is a small bassinet that keeps the baby cozy and allows the mother to keep the baby at "arm's reach". Night time feedings are convenient so you do not need to totally wake up and be disturbed. Also, you get the relief of knowing your little one is "just fine" and you get better sleep. The bags on the sides make is easy to store diapers and wipes and little "stuff" that you need all the time. There is a section underneath that opens up with a zipper and I used it to stash extra diapers and other larger items, including clothes and blankets. The neutral color bassinet makes it gender-neutral and so you can use it for all your babies. The sides have a mesh/net that allows for ventilation for the baby. The mattress is firm and well made. I had to buy additional attachments to make it taller as my bed is really high and the bassinet was not reaching my bed's height. This was the only drawback but workable. Overall a very smart buy for night time feedings and a good night's sleep.


Carmel, CA


genius idea!


The Arms Reach co-sleeper is such a genius idea!!!  With my first child I fought all night long to sit up in a rocking chair to breastfeed, then when I would just be too exausted to stay awake any longer to feed and cuddle with my colicy baby I would crawl back into bed with my little one snuggled up next to me...I still felt like I had to sleep with one eye open to make sure that neither my (ex)husband nor I rolled over on the baby, I was always on guard and unable to get even a few minutes of sleep...With my second baby I recieved the Arms Reach co-sleeper as a gift, after reading the box and the insert pamphlet I was certain that this was going to be my life saver this time around!!!  Turns out I was right...while I was still in the hospital my (ex)husband put together the co-sleeper and had it all set up next to the bed when I got home, after a c-section I readily put the new baby in the sleeper and climbed into bed..when it was time to feed the baby all I had to do was roll over and pull her next to me in the bed and let the feeding begin and when finished just slid her back into the sleeper!!!  I never felt like she was in danger of being rolled over onto and best of all I never missed a wink of sleep that wasnt nescesary!! Genius!!


Clio, MI


Arms Reach Co-Sleeper better than a crib


We purchased this arms reach co-cleeper when our 5th child was born, we now have 8. I reeally like the fact that it attaches to the bed but have some things I don't like. The mattress is so hard my babies never really liked sleeping in it. Also it is VERY hard to take apart and let the side down. We end up using it more as a playpen when the baby gets older and I am not around to sleep with them it's works well for making sure they don't fall off of my bed. We co-sleep though all the time and basically have this set up besides our bed so that baby doesn't roll off the bed during the night and also it holds diapers and wipes well LOL.. If you have a toddler don't let them in it as the bars that hold up the top seem to be flimsy and bend easily. I would definitely purchase this before I purchased a crib though as those things are worse. We don't even own one anymore and so glad we don't use them. Overall I would recommend.


Rolesville, NC


Wish I had the Arm's Reach co-sleeper for my first ;)


The Arm's Reach co-sleeper is by far the best invention ever for a new parent.  When I became pregnant with my second child I saw an ad for this and said this is the one thing I will be buying.  I am so glad that I did.  It attatches securely to the bed, under the mattress, so you don't have to worry about it migrating away and the baby falling in between the co-sleeper and the bed and it looks great!  It was absolutely so convenient for the middle of the night feedings.  There are pockets all around the outside, so I just filled them with diapers and wipes so that I didn't have to get out of bed at all.  I wasn't breastfeeding so I just bought the ready to feed bottles for the middle of the night feedings (or used left overs from the hospital) and was able to put the baby right back down and fall right back to sleep.  It was wonderful.  Also great for those irrational new mom moments when you wake up in a panic and just want to sneak a peak at you baby.  All you have to do is roll over!  I would definitely tell anyone to get this as it was the best thing ever and I wish I had it for my first!


Quakertown, PA


LOVE the arm's reach co sleeper!


I researched sleeping options a LOT before my little girl was born. I came across arm's reach and decided this would be the way to go for us. My baby took to the co-sleeper immediately...only to hate it a few days later. I completely gave up hope on the co-sleeper, hoping it wouldn't be a complete waste seeing as I could use it as a play pen. At about 4 months, my little girl decided she liked the co-sleeper after all and she continued sleeping in it until it was time to move to a crib. I loved having her so close to me and night time feedings were a breeze. Just because Arm's reach talks about easy night time feedings does not mean that your baby is going to magically appear by your side everytime you have to feed. You obviously have to lift him/her out of the co-sleeper to where you are sleeping. So, people looking not to move a muscle at all to get your baby fed at night will have to keep looking. For others, this is SO much better than dragging your groggy self to the crib and lifting the baby out. I absolutely love the arm's reach co-sleeper and I'm keeping it for my next! pros: 1. Having baby close to you, knowing she/he is safe and only an arm's reach away. 2. Feeding in the night. You don't have to get out of bed AT ALL. 3. Waking up to that beautiful sleeping face in the morning, nothing beats that! 4. Can be used as a stand alone bassinet and changing table, too. 5. Converts to a play pen for when baby grows out of the co-sleeper position. (holds up to 30lbs as a co-sleeper and up to 50lbs as a play pen) cons: 1. The terrible sheet. Coarse and thin. Instead, I use Eddie Bauer's playpen sheet. They fit perfectly, wash really well, are soft, thick and cheaper than the co-sleeper sheets. 2. Yes, it takes up quite a bit of space next to your bed, making getting out of bed a little bit of a challenge. I had quite a difficult time maneuvering myself out of bed every morning right after the delivery but I'd definitely choose that over getting up and walking, on very little sleep, to baby's crib everytime she cried or wanted to be fed. It just depends on what's more important to you. After a month or two, I got used to it. 3. Packing it up into its bag is a huge struggle.


Milwaukee, WI


Arms Reach Co-Sleeper

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