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April Bath & Shower Naturals
April Bath & Shower Naturals Fresh Vanilla Body Cream

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April Bath & Shower body cream smells soooo great!


I received some of this for my birthday. I don't know where it was purchased, but I love it! It is much cheaper than Bath & Body Works from what I've read. However, it is as wonderful as Bath & Body Works. My scent is Cranberry Plum. A little goes a long way! It is thick, but blends in so smoothly. I love the scent. It smells so heavenly. I catch myself sniffing my arms during the night after I have put on the lotion. It is not tested on animals. It also contains aloe vera to moisturize skin, and papaya to soothe skin. It makes skin soft. Test your arms. Rub some on one arm, and let the other go without. You will feel the difference. It leaves you feeling rejuvenated. The cranberry plum is so nice. The softness and scent will last all day. Of course it wears off some by the end, but works well. The bottle makes the body cream look very expensive. You can see the thickness through the body. It is an opaque plastic. I will be buying more of this. I love the scent I have, but I like to try all scents, so I may get the vanilla next.

Four Oaks, NC


April Bath & Shower Naturals Fresh Vanilla Body Cream

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