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Anti Monkey Butt
Anti Monkey Butt Powder

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Chafing is not a part of my running routine anymore


Chafing was a part of my daily routine when I run because I really couldn't find something that really worked. It was almost as routine as taking off my socks and the rest of the day was just dealing with this uncomfortable feeling. The worse of it was my butt rash, where it would really be sore and red. I was always wondering how to prevent chafing that goes down there! Well, a friend of mine mentioned to me this product and now all I have to do is apply this calamine powder to my skin and I have no problems at all. Anti Monkey Butt is the best chafing powder on the market and the only real solution for a runner with chafing issues.

Detroit, Michigan


Love this stuff for running...


I was looking for something to help me to not get rubbed raw under my arms where my shirt rubs while i run and this stuff is awesome. it's thick enough to where it sticks to the skin but doesn't turn into 'biscuit dough' when i sweat. I also like to use it when i wear skirts in the summer. i'm a small girl but my legs tend to rub together and get all gross from my lotion and this helps keep that from happening. You can also use it in your nether regions if you are someone who is concerned about perspiring in those areas.

Nederland, TX


My husband loves this stuff!!!


Like some others, I bought this powder more as a lark than really thinking that it would be a great product---I mean, who could look at the label and not laugh?? I ordered it online from a chain drugstore to fill out a minimum amount so I could qualify for a special they were running. My husband is in law enforcement and has to wear a bullet proof vest. Combine the hot South Ga., summers with the friction of getting in and out of a car all day, and you can see why his back would be broken out with heat rash. He had tried several other products with no relief. But, from the first day using this powder, his rash started clearing up! He is on his second container. The only problem is that I haven't been able to find it in any of our local stores--so I have to order it online.--but that's ok--he's worth it!



Not much better than regular powder - Anti-Monkey Butt Powder


Anti-Monkey Butt Powder is advertised to help keep you dry and helps prevent and soothe skin irritation with the calamine that is included in the powder.  I've found that Anti-Monkey Butt Powder works well for driving and for situations where you won't be that active, but for more intense activities like hiking or exercising in general, I haven't found the Anti-Monkey Butt Powder to be any better or worse than traditional powders.  The Anti-Monkey Butt Powder comes in a shaker bottle that holds a little over 3 ounces of the powder.   The powder is a mix of talc and calamine.  The talc absorbs moisture while the calamine soothes your skin (think of calamine lotion on poison ivy).  There's also a slight perfumed scent to the powder. I'll use the Anti-Monkey Butt Powder when I know I'm going to be sitting for a while in a situation where I might start to sweat.  Places like a hot classroom or long distance driving come to mind.  I just shake a little on, rub it a bit to distribute evenly and then go about my business getting dressed.  The Anti-Monkey Butt Powder does make a noticeable difference for these sedentary activities where otherwise you might end up with a sweaty butt.  I will also put some Anti-Monkey Butt Powder into my shoes from time to time, especially when I'm wearing heavier socks which might cause my feet to sweat more than normal.  For more heavy duty activities, I think it's kind of a draw between traditional powders and the Anti-Monkey Butt Powder.  I think the calamine offers a bit of an improvement over traditional powder with regards to skin irritation, but for absorption and comfort, I think it's a tossup.  In the end, I'd say that Anti-Monkey Butt Powder does works and offers a few benefits over traditional powders, but I'm not sure if it's really worth the extra money you'd pay for it.

Metrowest, MA


Anti Monkey Butt Powder is worth the laugh and and the money.


When shopping one day, I saw a display with Anti-Monkey Butt powder. I literally laughed out loud at the name--who wouldn't? After reading the label, I thought it would be worth a try. I bought it for my husband. Long days with a lot of walking can...well, you know what can happen. He had tried other powders to combat chaffing and moisture: medicated, body powders, baby powder, "natural" powder. The first day of wearing the Anti-Monkey Butt, he was hooked. He says it is the best he has ever felt after a day of work. I have tried it as well. On these hot and humid southern days, a bit around the neck, the crook of the arms, the back of the knees, and those other troublesome spots really help keep you feeling cooler. The stickiness seems to be kept at bay. This powder is a bit pricier than a store brand or even baby powder, but a little goes a long way. Ounce for ounce, over the long run, this powder beats anything else on the market. There is a now a pink bottle called "Ladies Anti-Monkey Butt."

Spring Hill, TN


My son says good-bye to Monkey Butt!


This is my first review by proxy. Let me explain. I will never forget the first time I saw a monkey in heat..in fact, I remember that moment as though it was yesterday. That is significant because I don't remember too much from that period of my life. I was at the zoo and thought something was horribly wrong with one of the monkeys because it had a large, swollen, red bottom. In my mind red and swollen spelled PAIN.  After pointing out the affected monkey to one of the zookeepers I was told that it was normal and not to worry. In time I learned that it was all part of the monkey reproductive cycle. No matter, it still looked painful! Fast forward to today: My oldest son lives in Florida where it is hot and humid. Hot and humid spells sweat. Hot, humid and friction of two skin surfaces spells irritation; if those two skin surfaces are around the buttocks area then hot, humid and friction spells human monkey butt! Sound painful? I hurt just thinking about it. My son [the one in Florida- keeping up?] is a bike rider. To be more precise, he is a cyclist of the bicycle variety. If you have ridden a bicycle you understand that you have to use your two legs to pump up and down on the pedals to make the bike go. This creates friction of rubbing thighs and rubbing the groin area against the seat. Add high temperatures and humid air and you have the perfect recipe for irritation. Put that formula together for a 60-65 mile ride and it can go beyond irritation. Recently, I was asked to try a product called **Anti-Monkey Butt**. This product was created to combat hot, humid and friction. It is a powder made to absorb moisture and comes with calamine to soothe irritation. I asked my son if he would use it and give me his honest opinion. He reluctantly said yes. I asked him for his opinion for my review [by proxy] and this is what he emailed me: "Mom- When I first received the Anti-Monkey Butt Powder, I was skeptical if it would work. As a recreational cyclist, who averages 100-150 miles a week, I know the value of a quality anti-friction cream. That said I have never used a powder, nor did I think a powder would be easy to apply. After I quit trying to directly apply the powder and instead sprinkled it inside my cycling bib, I was very pleased with the results. The Anti-Monkey Butt Powder kept me completely dry, even on my longest rides (4+ hrs). It completely eliminated any chaffing between my thighs and buttocks. The powder also eliminated that "swamp" feel that some of the creams leave behind. Anti-Monkey Butt Powder will now be a part of my pre-ride ritual! A+!" Thanks, Logan. I can't wait to try the new Lady Anti-Monkey Butt.

Northern, FL


Anti Monkey Butt keeps away the soreness.


I'm a mother of three, two of which are still in diapers. For years I used "Johnson and Johnson" Baby Powder on my children to help prevent diaper rash, but it would still sometimes happen, and "Desitin" or "A&D Ointment" can cause problems if used for every diaper change. I first saw "Anti Monkey Butt Powder" in a Rite Aid Pharmacy, and baught it as a lark because of the name, because my daughter loves monkeys. While it doesn't smell what you have come to think of as "Baby Fresh", the aroma of this product is not at all unpleasant. After trying it however, I have come to swear by this product. I have not seen a single diaper rash in over six months, and have not used any ointments to suppliment the powder in five months. It is slightly cheaper than "Johnson and Johnson", but where you really save money is in not having to buy diaper rash ointments in addition to the powder. Save money and use a better working product, sounds like a good deal to me.

Hopewell, VA


Anti Monkey Butt Powder

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