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Ansell LifeStyles X2 Lubricated Inside Out Condom 12

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Lifestyles aren't that great, but they are cheap & do the job


Lifestyles are one of my least favorite condom brands (and my husband agrees), and these Inside Out ones are just as mediocre as the rest of their products. Lifestyles are cheap and do prevent pregnancy, but the lubricant feels synthetic and these feel pretty thick compared to some other brands. Inside Outs are nothing special, my fellow said they feel the same as standard condoms.



Good value.


Won't break and lubricated inside/outside. Dependable and effective. Ansell Life Styles X2 Lubricated Inside Out Condom 12 is back by a company that is eco-friendly and cares about their customers. The price of the product is about average compared to other condoms of similar design/texture.

Corpus Christi, TX


the lifestyle x2 condoms feel amazing!!!!!


 I am a female and usualy condoms that aren't ribbed or anything don't feel all that great for me but these condoms have a special lubracant that feels amazing it heightens sensitivity. I can actualy have a better orgasm while using this condom as compared to other types of condoms. Absolutly amazing product! I highly recomend this product to anyone who is sexualy active or thinking about being sexualy active!!

Port Angeles, WA


Ansell LifeStyles X2 Lubricated Inside Out Condom 12

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