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Amana AMC6138AAS Stainless Steel 950 Watts Convection / Microwave Oven

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Amana microwave


This is great inexpensive microwave that serves its purpose well. Performance This review may be overinflated since I have had the same microwave since the 90's, but it is AWESOME!! When you try to cook something in it...it really cooks. You can heat up leftovers in a minute...really! Settings/Features Unfortunately, I am a creature of habit, so I like to just put in a length of time and cook that way, but this Amana microwave has lots of different cook settings that I have not tried yet. Ease of Cleaning Learning to use this new microwave, I have exploded many a sauce in this unti. It is such an easy clean up! I literally just wipe the mess off. Easy as that. Ease of Use I am sure overall this unit is quite easy; however, I have not had the chance to figure out all of the options yet. Durability As with other reviews I have posted lately, this is a relatively new microwave. I have only had it for less than a year. As much as I truly love my Amana microwave, I cannot give it a "very good" rating until I really put it through some work. Design I truly love the stainless tell design. It is a classic!



One good Oven for the Price i paid in the 80's !


I had this Oven for 30 years , until last year ! It was one good Investment i ever made back in the 80's . If know who still carry this i would buy one just like it again . So there you have it ! Good Hunting .

Priest River, ID


Amana AMC6138AAS Stainless Steel 950 Watts Convection / Microwave Oven

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