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Decent deals


I was looking for a refurbished iPad (to be able to save a little money over a new one), so I decided to check out alwayslowest.com. I found a few different options before finding one that would work for my needs. The deal was good enough to use, but several things about the site could use improvement. Ease of Use If I'm shopping online, I want to be able to shop online without needing to call someone to buy what I have found. But many of the things that they have on their site require a phone call to order. Some can be ordered online, but many cannot. Product Pricing The pricing on refurbished tablets was a little bit better than I could find on other websites that I consulted before making my decision. Shipping and Returns The shipping rates for this site are atrocious, especially when you're already spending a lot of money on the products themselves. Even with the slowest shipping, a tablet (which isn't large or heavy) cost over $15 in shipping after spending hundreds to buy it.



Terrible Company. Unethical


Terrible company to work with. The monitor they shipped wasn't what they advertised and was different than the one described on their website. When I contacted them, I was told that they just drop ship and don't ever see the product so they could not accept any returns or exchanges. I was told that I should have done more research and not rely on their product description. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT do business with this company.





ALWAYSLOWEST.COM DOES NOT HONOR POSTED PRICE! I do not recommend doing business with this merchant. I placed an order at Alwayslowest.com and received email acknowledgement of the order. When I checked the order a few days later, I was shocked. AlwaysLowest.com canceled the order without providing any notification. When I called to get details, a service agent stated the item ordered was discontinued.  However, they were still offering the item for sale at an increased price on the web site. I FELT LIKE I WAS BEING LIED TO. Later, during another phone call, I was told the item price for the order was an error. I FELT LIKE I WAS A VICTIM OF DECEPTIVE PRICING. AlwaysLowest.com refused to honor the order. Alwayslowest.com stated its their posted policy not to honor "typographical errors." Their "posted policy" seem to be purposely obscured in link at the bottom of the page. Nothing during the ordering process refered to this "posted policy." I received a call from Alwayslowest.com offering the item at "cost." "Cost" was not even $3 cheaper than the low price on Google Shopping. I FELT LIKE I WAS BEING LIED TO AGAIN. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM THIS MERCHANT! The Alwayslowest.com web site states, "The Right Technology Always at the Lowest Price." I think it should state, "PRICES SO LOW - THEY CANT BE BELIEVED!" BEWARE OF BAIT AND SWITCH PRICING!!!  

Clovis, NM



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