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Have Allergies?


AllergyStore.com is definitely the website to turn to for all of your your allergy needs. I suffer from seasonal allergies and also dust mites, mold and pet dander allergies. My son has asthma and I have a daughter that seems to be have the save allergies symptoms as myself. I learned of AllergyStore.com while waiting in the waiting room to be called back to see my Allergist doctor. I was so grateful for the recommendation because this website has everything you can imagine that relates to allergies. You can purchase everything from bedding to steam cleaners to air purifiers. They have so much and I have ordered so many things from this website at great prices. Our home is now as allergen free as its going to get thanks to AllergyStore.com. They have great prices and a wide selection of products and brands. So much so that you are more than likely to see items you have never heard of that can be very useful in the care for your allergies. I highly recommend this website to anyone with allergies of any type.




the best


I started buying products form allergystore.com last year. I researched and found they had the best prices online. I bought mattress covers for 3 beds as well as multiple pillow covers. The products were high quality and I think they have worked as they claim - my kids have less asthma and allergies now. After a few months of use one of the zippers came off in the wash. I contacted allergystore.com and received a quick response - send it back to us and we will send out a replacement cover right away. The products I bought have a lifetime warranty, which is part of the reason I bought them. But lifetime warranty or not, the customer service from allergystore.com is what really impressed me. The only thing that could have been better would have been a prepaid label to send it back to them and a replacement sent out as soon as they heard there was a problem. I'll continue to frequent this store for all my allergy needs.


Banks, OR


A amazing store for allergy sufferers


I don't know of any other place that offers so many products dedicated to people with allergies. They have a great selection of bedding, cleaning supplies, hypoallergenic covers. There products have made a big difference. I didn't realize that my bedding at the time was causing my allergies to flare up. I found this online store and the bedding has made a world of difference. The Allergy Store's come with a no-questions-asked, no-hassle, 60 Day, money back guarantee so if you decide you don't want it just give them a call and they will take care of you. I once received a damage product and the sale person was so helpful will I called and made it easy to do an exchange. The products are quality products that I held up well especially in the laundry machine. They normally offer free shipping with orders over $99. They also offer baby blankets and bedding as well for the little guys.


New York, NY


This is a place that allergy sufferers NEED to know about


12 years ago, I developed life threatening allergic reactions. After multiple hospitalizations and a 2 week stay at a research hospital- it was determined that I suffered severe reactions to dust mites (among other things). I was lost when I got back home. We had to make major changes in our home and this online site helped me the most. I was able to order dust mite protective encasings to cover our bedding and pillows. They have top of the line air purifiers and even whole home air purification systems which are amazing (that I ordered just a few years back). They even have products that help to neutralize allergens associated with pets. I was allergic to dogs and couldn't bear to give up my fur-babies.... so these products really have helped. I have ordered nebulizer products also from this company as both of my children suffer from asthma. They are great to order from any day of the year including Cyber Monday. They most often have a 10% off code available too. The best thing about this company is that they care. You can contact them and they are more than willing to take the time to discuss products or questions you might have. They have a good return policy, but you have to take in consideration that many of these products when opened are not allowed to be returned due to health/safety regulations... unless they are defective. This is a company I would definitely recommend!


Tulsa, OK


AllergyStore.Com is my new Best Friend Forever


Those of you who read my Yahoo postings know that I have lived with allergies for over 20 years.  I am always looking for ways to help me control my indoor environment.  I have a new best friend in my quest!AllergyStore.Com has all the stuff I need and at prices that really help me stretch my buying dollar.  For example, instead of buying my De-Mite (which I MUST have for my sheets) at National Allergy, I found it at AllergyStore for much less AND I got it right away..So then I tried them for the ADMS Spray, which I use all over my house.  Once again, great price, fast shipping.Then the real topper is that I just got an email from them, making sure I had received my first order (the De-Mite) and giving me an electronic coupon for my next purchase.  How great is that!I need a new filter for my Austin Air HealthMate and I will be putting that coupon to good use!


Hollywood, FL



5.0 5