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Heartburn Medicine
Alka-Seltzer Heartburn Relief Lemon-Lime Effervescent

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Alka- Seltzer Heartburn Relief Lemon Lime Works, but not Perfect


Those who suffer from occasional heartburn know well how annoying and sometimes painful it can be. A mild bout of heartburn isn't a big issue, but a bad case of heartburn has to be dealt with quickly and one medicine some use for this type of pain relief is Alka- Seltzer Heartburn Relief Lemon Lime. Medicine Facts and Commentary: Alka- Seltzer Heartburn Relief Lemon Lime is an effervescent medicine product that works in the familiar Alka- Seltzer fashion. The tablets need to be dropped into a glass of water first, to dissolve them, and the liquid is then comsumed. The medicine goes to work quickly, heading straight to the stomach where it aims to get acid and heartburn under control. Alka- Seltzer Heartburn Relief Lemon Lime is better tasting than regular Alka- Seltzer and it offers about the same level of effectiveness. Its ability to tame heartburn is good, but it isn't great and depending on the severity of the situation, it may not even put a small dent in the problem. If heartburn is only moderate or below, it does seem to work well, though, so it shouldn't be written off. Alka- Seltzer Heartburn Relief Lemon Lime isn't as convenient to use as most other heartburn medications. The tablets have to be dissolved first, and this means you cannot just grab one from the package and start chewing. You have to find a cup of water, and this inconvenience is one strike against the product. Bottom Line Viewpoint: With its plop, plop, fizz, fizz action, Alka- Seltzer Heartburn Relief Lemon Lime is a good product for heartburn relief provided the heartburn isn't too extreme. This medicine is less convenient than others and a little more expensive than calcium carbonate and other budget- priced options, but it does work fairly well and it does make a good choice when heartburn is rearing its ugly head. Effectiveness Alka- Seltzer Heartburn Relief Lemon Lime works fairly well at stopping the discomfort of heartburn, but it cannot handle a really tough case. Ease of Use This product is much less convenient than others because ti has to be dissolved in water first. Immediacy It goes to work within seconds after drinking the liquid.

Houston, TX


Former FAN


Alka-Seltzer for nearly 30 years has always been a staple in my medicine cabinet. Tried the "new" Lemon flavored and not only did not like the flavor at all ...was just unable to drink the product. Really awful. Tried again on another day and same reaction. Horrid taste. I liked the original flavor. Very disappointed and will not ever purchase the flavored again. sure hoping the original flavor is never discontinued. Why change a good thing?

Farmington, MO


Cure Your Hang Over With Alka Seltzer


I originally bought this because the father of my daughter suffers from frequent heartburn and I thought this would help. Well it did more that I would have expected. Not only was it fast to relieve his uncomfortable heartburn but it also calmed his ulcer pain when he ate foods he was not supposed to or when he drank too much alcohol, which he ussually does being that he is an alcoholic, not only that, on those dreadfull days when we had something to do but he felt to sick to go or participate in certain events, because of a hangover, this wonderful Alka Seltzer thing took away the hangover and let me see the man I had fallen in love with, if even for a few hours. I love that it is really easy to prepare and very easy to carry around and travel with the taste is not that bad, and it was safe enough for me to use during my pregnancy as well. This is defineltly a medication that is always stocked in my medication cabinet for the many uses I found.

Round Lake, IL




I can't say that this is product I took and knew I was feeling better after taking it. I do know that I when I had to take it I was already on the verge of finding everything disgusting that would go into my mouth. So having to take fizzy stuff with an additional glass of water made me feel worse. I don't know if it was the resting that made my heartburn go away or if it was the Alka Seltzer tablets. Again, that flavor was not inviting. Even though it's lemon flavored, it didn't do anything better for me when I was swooshing it around in my mouth. I don't like the fizzy stuff in my mouth. If you don't let it completely dissolve in the glass, the chalky stuff gets stuck in your mough and gums. Then you need to drink more water to dislodge those extras that stayed behind. I don't understand the having to dissolve it in water. Why not just provide a tablet to swallow? Maybe it's the idea that it's in a liquid and the body absorbs it better? I don't know. I'll recommend it only because it's what the whole family takes and I continue to take it because of them.

North Hollywood, CA


Wish it hadn't changed


I love this product. It works better than anything else on my colds, and I can count on relief every time I take it. Since they have changed the product from containing acetaminophen to aspirin, I can no longer give the product to my teen daughter!  Now I am at a loss for what to give her, that I trust to work.  I wish they would either offer the product as it was originally produced, or offer an aspirin free alternative.  The product still works great for me, but I wish I could offer my child the same reliable relief. Please consider offering an aspirin free alternative to the great product you currently sell. It would mean a lot to me to be able to count on my child receiving the same relief from her colds that I do.  Overall, the product does exactly what they say it will.  Relief lasts for about 4 hours, and there are no nasty side effects like jitters.  It also tastes very good, and you don't mind drinking it a bit!

Housatonic, MA


Multi use for cheap!


I usually take these when I'm having urinary discomfort, but did you also know that you can use these to cure a hangover?  I love the price of alka seltzer and the multi uses for it!  I'm sure there are many more, but a hangover I wouldn't have thought.  It really cures it the same way a huge cheeseburger would for me.  The taste isn't bad either!  I don't like the plain, so I thought the lemon would be much better for me.  It was!  It dissolves fast, isn't gritty, and tastes good.  This is also good if you have trouble taking pills like I do.  I know, mind over matter, but I still can't swallow pills!  A pain killer than you can drink gets a big two thumbs up from me, for sure.  You can find it anywhere, which is a big pro as well.  Superstore, gas station, or pharmacy, it will be there.  You can't go wrong with it, in my opinion!  If it doesn't work for you though, you can always use them as bath fizzies, haha!

Vidor, TX


Alka seltzer has been working since was a kid!


remember the old 'plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a releif it is? I remember singing it in grade school when I was a kid....okay a weird kid, but it stuck in my head! Needless to say the product works as great today as it did back then. It tastes kind of nasty, but who doesn't love those Champagne type bubbbles? They always made me burp right away and all was well. Now they make cold relief ...wow! As if the stuff wasn't good enough already. I can even get my daughter to take Alka Seltzer. She likes the fizzys too! I know they make a lemon flavor, I just wish it could still taste a little better. As an adult it is tolerable, but sometimes the littler ones don't want to take it because of the taste and I don;t know what to add to make it taste better without loosing the effect of the medicine. Any ideas? Anyway don't forget to keep some for this season as we all tend to over eat! Food should not taste this good!!!!

Seguin, TX


Alka-Seltzer works great !


"Plop, plop, fizz, fizz...oh what a relief it is ", ...... the words to that old Alka-Seltzer commercial still ring true today.  I tell a story (in the family) about how I was really nauseous as a teenager, I was in the bathroom sitting on the toilet seat lid; my Mom handed me a fizzing glass of Alka-Seltzer.  I held it in my hand about 2 seconds, handed it back to her, jumped up from the toilet lid, knelt down over the now open toilet and lost all my stomach contents !  I like to say that Alka-Seltzer was so good that I only had to LOOK at it and I was relieved !  Seriously, I haved had good success after drinking Alka-Seltzer !  The lemon taste was a great addition !

Springville, AL


plop plop, fizz fizz....... instant releive from heartburn!


alka seltzer has always been one of my favorite pain relievers, one because it works so quickly. I never thought about using it for heartburn. i woke up one night just dying of pain for heartburn. I went through my parents medicine cabinet when i realized i didn't have ANY heartburn medication. I was desperate!!! I found a box alka seltzer heartburn relief. Thinking well, its this or nothing, i tried it. It was instant relief the second it slid down my throat. And to my suprise the effects lasted all night long!! No heartburn medication i had taken had EVER lasted all night. Tumbs was a guaranteed two doses before it held any relief. I went out the next day and stocked up on alka seltzer. It is seriously like a cure all!! Even just the alka seltzer original works great for relieving heart burn. I would highly recommend any alka seltzer product for, gas, pain, heartburn whatever..... alka seltzer will fix it :)

Grantsville, UT


Alka Seltzer's tablets fizzle my gurgles away fast!


gurgles be gone! i want to get this off my chest...I am a secret night-gurgler! As soon as i lay down to sleep at night, the symphony begins. my stomach starts rocking and rolling and up come those dreaded gurgles. it's not attractive or ladylike or conducive to joyful rest and it needs fixing **fast**.  so I was very relieved- and I mean *relieved -*to discover that nothing soothes my heartburn and upset stomach like alka seltzer's effervescent heartburn tablets. (make sure it's the lemon and lime flavored- the unflavored version is vile, in my opinion.) it's so quick and easy- i just *know* you've heard of "plop plop fizz", and i actually get a little kick out of the flavoring and the bubbles. by the time i'm climbing back into bed, i'm feeling "quieter" already. i also turn to alka seltzer after a big meal, a curry, a mexican night-on-the-town...whenever there's just a little too much spice in my life! it does the job, gently and effectively, every time, for me.

Morton Grove, IL


Alka-Seltzer Heartburn Relief Lemon-Lime Effervescent

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