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Aleene's Jewel It

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A Great Clear-Drying Craft Glue


If you do a lot of crafting chances are you have more than a couple different types of glue. Jewel It dries completely clear and can be used on clothing to attach jewels, gems, rhinestones, sequins and other embellishments. The tricky to getting the best results from this is to make sure that you have an even coating; I have only had a couple of problems with the glue not drying completely and that was when I used too much of it and it took about two days for all of the glue to dry. I have also used this with felt and thick pieces of paper without it warping or puckering. Since it dries clear it is a little easier to work with if you are doing ornaments or have things that are going to be layered. It is also a great glue to use if you are going to be applying a thin layer of glitter for a shimmer effect however you can't use this with embossing powder and then try to heat it to get a textured look from it because the glue will prevent it from expanding. The four ounce bottles have a snip-top lid so you can trim the top of it to suit your crafting needs. If you are going to be making lines with this you will want to cut the top of it on a slant so that you don't end up with bubbles in the glue. To prevent bubbles from forming in the glue, put the bottle in a glass, mug or tumbler about a half hour before you use it so any air bubbles that may be in the glue will float to the top of the inside of the bottle.




Aleene's Jewel It for attaching jewels doen't work like it says.


'Jewel It' by Aleene's, a reputable company who makes Tacky Glue and other adhesives for attaching jewels and craft items doesn't work like it says it should. On the front of the bottle it claims to attach jewels (rhinestones in my case), permanently through many washings. Not true at all. I have used it several times and been disappointed many of them. I have tried it on different embellishments on fabric, metal (belt buckles), leather (belts and sandals) and even on walls (decorating a nursery and adding 3D bows). So far the jewels have easily come off all surfaces. Even the clothing, which it states is washable!I know it is intended for clothing and yet it didn't work as it states. It is easy to use, not like super glue that dries too fast, and not like Gorilla Glue that bubble up. But, in my opinion it is not PERMANENT it is more a semi-permanent hold. In other words, it will last an evening or a few wearings with extreme caution. I don't recommend it like I do OK To Wash-It, also by Aleene's


Humble, TX


Aleene's Jewel It

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