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Africas Best Herbal Gro Super Jar 5.25 oz

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This is a decent product at a decent price!


I have been using this product for about a year. I was looking for a reasonably priced hair conditioner. I have some hair dryness, so this product helps with that, & I always want products to help with hair breakage..I do not go to the salons often, to save money, so this product helps with my up keep.



it work's


if you have dry and iam talking about really dry hair  you should give this a try i dose it job it gives your hair moisturise and it has blends of diffance African Oils And herbs And one of the best things it has is Vitamins for your hair. i use it all the  i would tell ingbody that would like to try it just don't use it every day use it every  once a week.

Waynesboro, VA


Africas Best Herbal Gro Super Jar 5.25 oz

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