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Acuvue Advance Contact Lenses with Hydraclear

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Pretty good for short wear


I have used contacts since I was a child. They have come a long way, yet I still cannot find a brand that does not dry out my eyes. They are fine for about six hours, but when looking at a computer screen for nine hours, the contacts do no favors. But I do really like that they are soft, and do not require much effort putting them in.




The quality has gone downhill..


I've been wearing these contacts forever and was always very pleased with them but lately the quality has gotten pretty bad. I'm going through contacts much quicker than usual. For instance I just put in 2 fresh contacts last week and they already feel like they need to be changed. I don't know if they're doing this on purpose so consumers buy more products but contacts aren't cheap. I called the company yesterday and was connected with a very nasty "customer service" girl who tried blaming me. She just assumed I was overwearing my contacts even after I tried explaining to her that I've had the contacts in for a week! Time for me to find a new contact company that actually cares about the consumers!


Bloomer, WI


Couldn't use them at all


When I went to the eye doctor last for my yearly contact visit, Acuvue Advanced Hydraclear this is what he gave me.  Luckily, he scheduled a followup to make sure I was doing okay with the contacts because I could not use them at all.  They were so thin and soft I couldn't manuever them well enough to get them in my eyes.  And if my memory serves me correctly, I could even feel them in my eyes.  Needless to say, when I went back for my follow up I told him just to give me the regular Acuvue 2 which seemed obsurd to him that I would want the old formula and not the new & improved but my eyes were just not ready for the new and improved.


Strawberry Plains, TN


Comfortable most of the time


Acuvue Advance Contact Lenses with Hyrdraclear are comfortable most of the time. If I wear them for too long, however, they get incredibly uncomfortable and will come out easily. I need to leave them out for at least 6 hours every night and take them out as soon as I come home to avoid this problem. They also tear easily if you have long fingernails.


Tuscaloosa, AL


Well worth it!


I have been wearing these contacts for about 2 years.  They are very comfortable and easy to wear.  I do have to agree that they seem thinner than others I've worn and do tear very easily, but I also think that those two qualities are what also make them *so comfortable* (thin and breathes with the eye).  The only reason I didn't give them all five stars is because they are kind of pricey for basic contacts and are hard to find in stock if you have a 'common prescription' .  To avoid that, I would simply suggest to plan ahead and order more before you're on your last pair.


Middlebury, IN


not good if you occasionally fall asleep in them


ive been wearing acuvue advance with hydraclear for about two years nowi like them alright. they are comfortable, last a while if you take care of them.you have to use optifree saline solution with these otherwise you'll get crystals on them.. i never tried it but thats what my eye doctor says(if you change your contacts but they are still good, you can save them in an old contact lens case with saline solution for when you accidentally rip one-you have a good replacement until you are ready to change the whole pair)sometimes i fall asleep on the couch with them, and when i wake up my eyes are incredibly dry..overall i like them, but im considering switching to a day/night contact lenses


Carmichael, CA


What would I do without them???


These contacts are so comfortable.  I love not having to take my contacts out every day like I used to.  I found a place to purchase these on line that was very reasonable. There was something on this website when I ordered them that kind of concerned me but ordered anyway.  I got e-mail back from them because something was odd about my prescription.  Come to find out the doc had made an error.  Was very pleased that they contacted me before sending them.  They came from a compay in Seoul... aalens.com.  I got them in a very timely manor & it was the cheapest place I found on the net


La Porte, IN


The most HORRIBLE contacts I've ever worn!!!!!!!!!!


I went to the eye doctor and she recommended that I switch to Acuvue Advance because I fall asleep in my contacts sometimes and they were supposed to be better for my eyes than Acuvue 2.  It is true that your eyes get more oxygen with Acuvue Advance than Acuvue 2.  HOWEVER, after 2-3 days, the contacts develop a film on it that you CANNOT get off with any kind of solution or by rubbing the contacts!  I called Acuvue and they told me that it comes from the moisterizer that I use on my skin or the natural moisture on my face.  So what?  Does Acuvue expect for people to not use moisterizer and have dry skin so that they can wear their contacts??!  That's crazy!!  These contacts are supposed to last 2 weeks, but you can only get a week out of them if you are lucky! I've worn contact lenses for 18 years and THESE ARE BY FAR THE WORST!!!!!!  They irritate your eyes, they're blurry, and they are uncomfortable after a day or two. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!  I bought a whole year supply and I have been miserable for months!


Atlanta, GA


Small annoyances add up


After wearing Acuvue 2 contact lenses for several years my eye doctor recommended I switch to Acuvue Advance contact lenses with Hydraclear. Apparently these lenses are more breathable and allow your eyes to get more oxygen. They are also supposed to dry out less. I tried them for a week. Although I didn't like them quite as much as my old Acuvue 2's, I decided to switch- since the doctor said they would be better for my eyes. I ordered a year's supply. While I never had any major problems with the Acuvue Advance lenses, I was glad when I had used them up and could switch to another type of contacts. It was a lot of little things that added up to making these lenses rather annoying. First off, they dried out MORE easily than my old contacts. I have very dry eyes. With Acuvue 2 lenses I used rewetting drops 2-3 times a day. With Advance lenses I needed them 3-4 times a day, at least. Also, my vision was slightly worse. From time to time my vision would go a touch blurry or like I was looking through wavy glass. I would sometimes have to blink a few times to "clear" my eyes. This happened most often when I was tired or used the computer for long periods of time. It never happened with my previous contacts. The quality of the lenses wasn't very good either. They tore fairly easily and often the edges seemed a bit "rough." I even had to throw a few lenses out unused because there was a small tear in them right out of the package. I was glad to be done with my stock of these lenses so I could switch to something else. Better for my eyes or not, these lenses where annoying.


San Antonio, TX


more blurry with them in than out


I just switched from glasses to contacts. I wore Oaysis for a couple month, they were horrible and I was told to try the Advance. Well, they are worse. I cannot see with them in! Everything is blurry, Is this some kind of joke by acuvue?! So without these contacts I can't see far, but with them in I cannot see far or near. Bravo Acuve, Bravo. I'll never touch another Acuvue/Vistakon product again!!!!!!


Vancouver, WA


Acuvue Advance Contact Lenses with Hydraclear

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