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Acer Extenza 4630 Notebook PC

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not bad,but much lower than my desired standard of sound quality


Lately I've been doing a lot of work on the computer, surveys and such. Up till a few weeks ago my thoughts about online money making were as simpe as "yeah right!!". After giving it a bit of time and effort I quickly found that it works,and works well. However, a faster more reliable laptop would increase my cash intake,even though this one in paticular is sufficient an doing the job, for now!?.the picture quality is wonderful, the sound average and the speed,well thats where it lacks a little for me.Overall, a good peice of equipment.

Great Barrington, MA


fast and a low price make it a great deal


This laptop computer is probally the best product I have ever bought. The price was very low, two hundred bucks less then another laptop with similar features. I like the large ammount ot storage that the 120 gigabite hard drive gives me and the three gig of memory and a super fast dual core prosseser make the laptop computer faster than my desktop computer. This model Acer came with many usefull programs alerady installed on it. Some of the programs are a trial only but many were the full program. A news reader and a photo and video manipulation programs are very usefull and simple to learn and easy to use. The operating system is Windows Vista Home Pro and is an upgrade to the basic Windows Vista. The compact disk or DVD reader and writer has been very uesfull to me. I have have made a bunch of photo DVDs  that I send to my family. The laptop can aslo make DVD's that will play on your home dvd player. I aslo really like the built in wireless internet that came with it. I can use the laptop on my home wireless network and when I travel or go out the laptop automatically searches for, finds, and logs on to any open wireless networks in the area. The sleep feature is good to us becaues when I put the computer to sleep it ueses less energy but starts up almost instantly. I also like that I can change the power usage on this computer. I can set it so the prosseser runs a bit slower but uese less electricity I have it set this way and have not seen any loss of performance even when playing games online.

Wyoming, MI


Acer Extenza 4630 Notebook PC

4.0 2