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Acer Extensa 5420 Notebook PC

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Acer Extensa is a good laptop


I purchased my Acer Extensa 5420 a couple of years ago at a Black Friday sale at Walmart. The price was right, and it seemed to have a lot of features that I was looking for. Overall I would say that it has served me well. The webcam is an added bonus and is very good quality. I don't use it much, but I like knowing that it's there if I ever wanted to use it. The laptop itself is pretty lightweight and it's easy to carry around which is good, since I am a college student. The keyboard is a great size although I wish that there was a dedicated number pad. I especially like the line of hot keys on the left hand side of the keyboard. They provide me with one push access to settings, my email and some of my favorite pages. Pretty much the only complaints I have with the Extensa are that it tends to get pretty hot if it is plugged in too long, and the battery life could be better. Bottom line is that this is a great laptop that has worked well for me for the last few years. I'm very pleased with my purchase.


North Fort Myers, FL


I love how it has a built in web camera and is real fast!


The Acer5420 has its good and bad features!!! Some of the good features of the Acer5420 are FingerPrint Recognition, and the 2.0 built in Webcam.Also has CD/DVD Burner that burns at a quick rate!! More great features of this is it has 3 USB Ports, and the micro SD slot used for ease when uploading ur pictures or any other information. Some of the Bad features would include Windows Vista Home Premium!Because of its slow operating system that is kinda out of date. The Screen Resolution is not a great resolution.When u are watching movies its kinda fuzzy!!! The screen on my Acer5420 is going out already and I only have had it a year.The Operating System is real confusing because of how it is setup. I also would not recomeend this specific Acer5420 to anyone. Some more good features is the Memory Capacity.This computer can hold alot of memory before it has a low memory!! It also has the ability to Have a Voice Conference Call thru Yahoo!!! When I used the Voice conference calling it was efficent and nice because of its voice privacy. I would not recomeend this model of the Acer5420 to anyone.Maybe there is a better model out there..So check the reviews before purchasing any Acer Product. 


Phoenix, AZ


Definitely empowering technology


I am an everyday computer user whether it be just checking email, surfing the web or playing games.  I was looking for a laptop that had enough space to save mystuff, and also had the software I wanted.  I found the Acer Extensa 5420 at a great price and couldn't believe all the extras it came with.  I got a webcam, dvd/cd burner and tons of memory.  The size is a bit on the large size but the 15.4" LCD is awesome.  Everything is so clear and bright.  It also has SignalUp to detect all the hot spots for my wireless internet.  I am very pleased with my purchase and have already suggested it to a family member that was also looking to purchase a laptop with some of the same features I was.  She wanted to go a little less expensive and went with an Aspire but loves it all the same.  I take my laptop everywhere with me.  I have had other computers like our Sony Vaio desktop but prefer to use my laptop over even that which I think we paid to much for after the purchase of my Acer.


Troy, NY


Cheap and packs a punch


I was a bit challenged about purchasing an ACER. I was like who in the world made an ACER and if anyone had one. Never seen the name before so I was kind of spectical to purchase. I purchase this Acer, I was suprised had more features than a regular dell with no added specification. I thought this was really cool and neat. The product had a built in camera that was picture perfect. The picture was crystal Clear. Setting up the product was easy free of hassle. The product was bulky but who cares for the price that I paid it was excellent compare to a dell running me almost 800.00. The product had plenty of space on the hard drive and also a couple of usb slots to be able to handle all of my multi-tasking at one time. The only thing that I am really displeased with is the battery life. The battery deletes so quickly even though you put on the battery reserve light to help preserve the battery. I had to purchase a back of battery. I will be purchasing a new ACER and giving this one to my daughter. I have found a new company to purchase affordable priced laptops for cheap.


Bronx, NY


Acer Extensa 5420 Notebook PC

4.3 4