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Acer Aspire Notebook PC

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Wish I would have bought two


I was only slightly interested in getting a laptop because I thought that I would not use it.  Boy was I wrong.  I love this laptop.  It is fast and it has worked great for me.  Also, we got a great deal on it.  Since I got it, I have been looking for another one for my husband, however it has been unsucessful.  As for not using it, well I am on it all of the time.  I have had this for a couple of years and I am very happy with it.  The size is great because it is not as small as a netbook, yet it is compact and portable.  I am able to take it with us when we travel and I don't have to worry about going on a public computer looking for a hotel.  It comes in handy when you are traveling long days and stop somewhere with wifi and just make a reservation online.  Also you can check your email and don't have to come home to a ton of emails to sift through.  It did come with some bloatware that my husband uninstalled upon the first boot up, all other programs were fine.  Just keep up on the anti virus and crap cleaner and you should always have a good fast computer.

South Milwaukee, WI


acer aspire 4330 is good for the price


My husband purchased the acer computer for me as a christmas gift 2 years ago and I've been relatively happy with it up until recently.  I'm having some issues with the built in keyboard sticking.  I am a fast typer and I get very frustrated when I have to go back into my sentences &  retype something all because certian keys are not showing up.  You sometimes have to hit harder on them.  Infact I chose to type this review on my desktop because of this.  Also the battery life on this SUCKS, sorry but that is the truth.  I haven't been able to get it to hold any great amount of time any more.  I pretty much use it at home and have it plugged in while I do.  So much for portability.  I find that the built in speakers are not as loud as I would like them to be and have actually had to pick it up closer to my ear to hear and I have no hearing issues.  Ok those are the negatives, as for the positives it has a fast boot up,  the memory storage is pretty good and the price is definately right for the budget conscience person.

Altmar, NY


I just borrowed a friend's Acer Aspire 4330, and so far, so good


I've been using a friend's Acer Aspire 4330 for about a week now (since my Dell laptop died about a year ago, and my friend finally convinced me to borrow his computer.)  Learning to use on brand when you're used to another can be quite an adjustment.  But this is easier to use than I thought it might be.  I love the fact that the wireless card is not protruding from the machine, where it can get lost or damaged.  But I haven't been able to figure out how to plug it into my printer, which is something of a disadvantage.  But then again, considering the fact that I spent hours at the library for months on end, and my friend wanted me to spend more time with him than at the library, this computer is a blessing, even if I do still have to go elsewhere to print out what I need. The picture is clear, and the colours are bright. And while sometimes the cursor freezes up on me, especially when I'm using the computer for a long time,and other features take a little getting used to, I find using the Axer Aspire 4330 an enjoyable experience, not to mention a godsend.

Williamsburg, VA


Great laptop, great price!


The acer Aspire 4330 is great, I bout it a year ago and it's been running smooth. I'd recommend it to anyone. It has a 14.1"W screen. The only thing I dislike is that the model didn't have a built in web cam, I can live without it...but that would have been nice!

Columbus, OH


Great price works well, worth the money paid for it.


I bought two of these.  They work very well, have had for just over a year and have not had any problems at all EXCEPT windows media player only worked a few times (on each computer) then won't open, can't delete it or update it or put another copy of media player on it. Otherwise it is excellent.

Rosman, NC


The Acer Aspire is ok for the price.


Acer is usually a good company for laptops at a lower price. When my other laptop broke and couldn't be repaired, I needed to find another one for school. As a student, this laptop helps me do all the things I need to do. It is fine for word processing, checking e-mail, playing games, and anything else you could imagine. I also sing so I really rely on it to store my music and have great audio. This laptop does that for me. Sometimes I need to hook up external speakers but the sound quality is still great. I store a lot of things on this computer. I store my music, my schoolwork, and other important things on this laptop. It has a lto o storage space so I can save everything that is important. Thw processor is an Intel Celeron and I wouldn't want any other processor. On the last computer the processor wasn't an Intel and the thing kept overheating. This laptop rarely overheats. The only thing I don't like is that it came with Windows Vista and I would love ot go back to XP but I am having trouble doing so. Maybe I never got used to Vista but I don't like it and the computer already came with it installed. For the price though, I can't complain too much. It was a fair price and the laptop is working out great for this college student.

Chester, PA


Acer Aspire Notebook PC

4.0 6