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Acer Aspire 7730 Notebook PC

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the Acer aspire 7730Z is a workhorse; a 24/7 go getter that will


*The Acer aspire 7730Z is my second computer. I am a newbie to the computer world since I got my first computer last December and I have learned a great deal since that time. My first computer was a Dell. I thought you must buy a name brand computer to have a "good" computer. Was I wrong! Since I purchased the Dell it has been in the shop for one thing or another four times*; with the climax being it's hard drive frying this June. Six months old and the hard drive goes.... well thank God for the Acer. My hero! The Acer was a gift which I being an idiot I turned my nose up at. What is an Acer? Well let me tell you it is the best machine this old fool has ever typed her old arthritic fingers on. The Acer 7730Z has a large 17" screen for easy viewing and easy adjusting. The controls are a breeze to work even for a newbie like me. My only criticism is it comes with all these damn games programed in which I do not play but if you are into games enjoy! The machine has a huge capacity and takes new programs without the sensiivity of the Dell. The Dell was extremely sensitive. I was always installing and uninstalling programs with that machine. Not so with the Acer it will take almost anything without any hesitation and it will not cause any problems. The Acer will stay on 24/7 without shutting off which the Dell won't. It will play the radio[ ie last,fm] while I am doing e-mail or another project without shutting off the Dell will not do that.... it is multi functional. It takes added devices with ease such as a printer and Magic Jack without a problem. The volume and sound is much improved over the Dell and the Dell was more expensive.The color and screen clarity is fabulous on the Acer. As a senior citizen my eye sight is not what it was, but the Acer allows me to see the screen easily. The design of the Acer is sleek and smart. It has a shiny,almost an enamel finish to it's case and smooth lines.Everything is clearly marked on the keyboard and it is idiot proof. The case locks shut instead of just closing and for a larger laptop the Acer is quite light. If I had a criticism of the Acer it would be the black keyboard; I did like the silver keyboard on the Dell it was easier to see the letters; but that is the only negative I have. It is a shame that Acer does not advertize; so the world would know what a truly great product they make. But then again if they did the price of their product would be as high as Sony. Acer is my unsung hero, my companion, my workhorse. For those of you out there buying your first computer don't let the name brands fool you, look into Acer. They make a great machine at a great price.

Paradise Valley, AZ


Acer Aspire 7730 Notebook PC

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