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Acer Aspire 7720 Notebook PC

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I didnt like this laptop at all.


First off the cords for this ACER SUCKS bad! I went thought probably 5 of them since I was using this computer. The battery life on this computer sucks as well. You might get 15 minutes battery life on it without being plugged in. Its so heavy and bulky I did not like that about it at all The computer gets way too hot too fast. I would not buy another ACER unless thats the only kind of brand computer that is out there on the market. Its very virus prone and just sucks plain period! DONT BUY AN ACER OR YOU WILL REGRET IT BAD! Battery Life IT DOES NOT LAST LONG AT ALL! Speed/Performance PRETTY SLOW IF YOU ASK ME!

Crystal Springs, MS


I hate it


I have owned many computers and laptops. I HATE this one.  Vista is a nightmare. No tutorials on the display.  The book is useless.  The machine has a bluray player the book has no mention of it or how to connect it to your HDTV.  this is one of the reasons I purchased it.  Thinking about returning it

Shawnee, KS


easy to set up, use, and love


we had  done some researh before buying our laptop, and even though it did not have the pizzaz of some of the more known PC's, we went with friends opinions, and the fact that it was ranked in the top 3. We have been nothing but satisfied with our new lap top. The initial set up took minutes, and was completely idiot proof. The larger screen made the adjustment from our home computer to a laptop less obvious. We were not crazy that it came with Vista, because we had heard some compatability issues with other electronics, but have had no problems as of yet. Our MP3 and 2 year old nikon camera were both compatable!

Lancaster, NH


Good Laptop


Purchased this laptop in January 2008, so far it is working well for my needs. It is much faster than the old Compac I replaced. I am trying to get use to the new windows Vista. The only thing I had a problem with is that the computer automaticly had an Acer advertisement loaded as the screen saver. It took me forever to realize it was a screen saver instead of a program that was running.

Highland, IL


Acer Aspire 7720 Notebook PC

2.8 4