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Acer Aspire 5570 Notebook PC

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The Acer Aspire 5570Z is ok


     The acer is great for the beginner that wishes or needs the versatility of a lap top. It is also an excellent lap top for the professional with a very affordable price.       Some of the great features include Intel Pentium dual core inside as well as Windows Vista Home Premium with its many built in features.  The Acer Empowering Technology optimizes its usability for mobile excellence as well as great video for effective online communication. The Media Center as well as the graphics resolution leaves nothing to be desired. Another great feature is its wireless capability.       If you are looking for a lap top that can pick up a weak wireless signal, this is the lap top for you. You will not be frustrated by your computer's inability to connect to a local wireless connection that is in range.  The Acer Aspire has everything you could possibly want in a lap top computer and much much more. You would be proud to be an owner of the Acer Aspire.         Ease of Use very easy to use but a very small key pad Battery Life The life of the battery is ok. Do not let get cold for a long time or is becaomes dead and is hard to get recharged Speed/Performance Start up is so slow you nedd to do something else waiting for it to boot up

Carolina Beach, NC


Good little pal to take you where you want around the internet


I got this laptop less than 2 years ago because of its lightweight and because I needed something to carry more easily when I visited my customers. It doesn't have all the "bells and whistles", but it's sturdy and fast, it does the job done. I have never been very satisfied with its monitor's poor brightness, not with the volume of the speakers, but luckly I don't need them that much, I do not do graphics, nor I listen to music on this laptop. The keyboard is not one the best, either, but I got used to it. It is hard and not so sensitive, but maybe I missed something and I could have adjusted it. This laptop has always been a tryout machine, so I installed and uninstalled numerous programs throught the time and I got it to the point when I did not care for fixing it, because it was more easy to reinstall the system and add the updates. The laptop's hard drive came by default with two partitions, and this makes the data backup an easy job. The Acer software that came with the computer is very good, too.

Colonial Beach, VA


Acer stands alone when it comes to laptops!


My kids have always been able to teach me about computers and how to navigate them, but with my Acer I am able to navigate on my own. I learned to defrag and clean out old files through the system itself. The battery life is fantastic. It is lightweight and easy to carry, considering all the things packed into this sleek laptop. I have had this model for several years now, and even thought laptops are constantly changing and improving I wouldn't consider using anything other than my acer. The color on this machine is so bright, and since I do a lot of scrapbooking using my computer that is important to me. Another great feature is the storage on the hard drive, I am constantly downloading scrapbooking kits and have no fear of filling my memory. The one drawback it has is that I also use it to listen to music a lot and the built in speakers leave a lot to be desired, external speakers are a must! I love my acer and when the time comes I will definately buy Acer again!

Aurora, IN


well-performing, but developed problems, with use.


My Acer is my first laptop, and while it has always performed well, did develop a few problems. For example, the c button broke off and is now lost, so I must compress the mount whenever I use the letter c. Many times, the screen goes blank, and the computer reboots, but not at my command.  Has been a good introduction to using a laptop but I would not buy a second Acer.  I tried calling Acer's tech support line, and never was able to speak with a person. This Acer Aspire has worked for 10 months, but is about to die, so I had to purchase a replacement laptop.

Chicago, IL


Acer Aspire laptop is a basic computer with room to grow


The Acer Aspire 5570Z is a very basic computer that would be good for new laptop users.  I got it at the beginning of graduate school and it has been my workhorse for two years now.  The layout is user friendly and easily navigable. Hardrive memory space is adequate for light use but became limited after my second year in graduate school because of my big database of large size microsoft word and pdf files.  The built in wireless card had served me well and I have no need to upgrade to anything more powerful.  The computer has been compatable with three different types of scanners and two printers showing great diversity.  I have had a small problem with over heating but that may be a isolated incident.  The Vista operating system that came with the computer is comparably as easy as the older microsoft versions.  The speakers are good quality but tend to be very quiet unless used with headphones.  There are many downloadable software products to upgrade and personalize the computer.

Greenville, NC


Affordable, nice first time laptop!


I have owned my Acer Aspire 5570Z for a little over a year. I have never had any problems with it whatsoever. It came preloaded with Windows Vista Home Premium, Intel Pentium dual-core processor, 120 GB HDD, 1GB DDR2, built in wifi, dvd/cd burner. Acer's CrystalBrite LCD screen shows beautiful colors and photo quality, clear and crisp. I would recommend this to anyone and have done so. My neighbor ended up purchasing the same model a few weeks after I bought mine! She loves hers very much. I love this laptop..great for a first time laptop owner!  Only gripe I have about it, the speakers aren't the greatest.. not very loud, need to buy external ones for better sound quality.  

Wellston, MI


Acer Aspire 5570 Notebook PC

3.7 6