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Acer Aspire 4720 Notebook PC

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Great Laptop PC, But the Hard Drive Crashed!! it's Fixed Now!!


I bought the Acer Aspire 4720Z Laptop Computer back in February last year. It was great while it working. I could surf the Web, send and receive e-mails Everything seemed to be going fine until earlier this year when suddenly the screen went blank and the unit wouldn't download! Tried several times and nothing could be done. So I had no other choices but to have the thing looked at and repaired. Found out that the hard drive had crashed and had to be replaced! The keyboard was also replaced since it began acting up last spring! Got the unit back, but I had to get and use a set of 3 recovery disks to restore the unit back to operating staus to the time when I first got it last winter. The unit works fine now, but since I have a nwer one, this one is used as a secondary one. I still like it though, and it's still under warranty as well! But it works fine now like it's brand new!!

East Boston, MA


Very serviceable for the price


This is the second Acer laptop we have owned, and by far the best, for the price. It is one of the least expensive models, and a few years old, now. However we did have some trouble with it and the process to have it repaired was quick and painless, for the most part. The particluar problem was with the power cord outlet. Evidently it had to be replaced because the pin broke off in it. There was no charge, except to ship it to them and we had it back within 2 weeks, I think. My husband and I mainly use it to check email, social networking, and online bills. We also watch HUlu episodes and downoad music and burn Cd's with is, without any problems. We have also let our kids ( age 12 & 8) use it for online games that we monitored. It has fared well under their harsher use, suprisingly. We set up our wireless router ourselves, and also have broadband phone that we use in conjunction with the laptop. Right now I am starting to use it for online classes I just started. Overall, we are very pleased with it and would buy another when this wears out.

Columbia City, IN


Cute laptop for a simple user


I purchased this laptop for my then 7 year old daughter as a Christmas present. Really it was for me, so she would get off my computer! Ha!! Anyway, it was fine the first year. On the second year, the Cd Rom got jammmed and it still stuck to this day. We have tried everything to get it to open. I'm not spendin gthe money to have it fixed b/c the cost of repair would be as much as the laptop. After that incident, the computer just quit. We thought it was the Lcd screen went out, biut it took a few weeks before it "decided" to come on. For the money we spent, it's a decent computer. I personally wouldn't want it for my only computer, but as a secondary computer it is adequte.

Pearl River, LA


Excellent value for the price!


Excellent computer for the price. I am a graduate student and this computer fit into my budget. I use this computer everyday and I have never regretted getting it. It doesn't have all the fancy extras that some computers have, but for the average user, most of those aren't necessary anyway. It is light enough that I take it with me everywhere I go. The battery life isn't the best but considering the price, it isn't much of a sacrifice.

Portage, MI


I love my laptop. Great computer for the money.


I love my laptop! It was a great price. It's fast and easy to use. The Signal Up wireless antenna is great. I will never go back to a desktop computer again. I can't say enough great things about it. The only negative is the battery only last about 2 hours on the power setting I use but you can customize your own power setting for longer battery life.

Shelbyville, TN


Acer Aspire 4720 Notebook PC

3.8 5