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Ace Hardware Brand
Ace Hardware Brand Ace Sensations

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Lives up to its name


Ace Sensations is the all around BEST paint I have ever used. It now decks most every wall in my home, and eventually I will have used it everywhere. I have three very large dogs, and my walls tell the story that "dogs are dirty even when you think they're clean!" Ace Sensations is exactly what it advertises itself to be; it is a washable paint. When you have any animal on your horse; you have extra dirt to go along with them My dogs are all over 125 pounds, and the largest is 180 pounds. They sleep along walls to keep cool in the summer, and they leave marks behind! Any season has rain, and any season brings all three running back into the house with they're tails wagging and a fine mist of water spraying in all directions. Ace Sensations has been the best paint I've ever used. It wipes clean with a paper towel and water, and even if I've used some type of cleanser the paint doesn't wear off or become dull and dreary from the wiping. I would recommend this paint to anyone, and the best part it is comes on all finishes; matte, satin, and gloss. Something to make everyone happy!

Chicago, IL


Ace Hardware Brand Ace Sensations

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