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AXE Deodorant Bodyspray - Clix

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Haven't really decided on AXE deodorant yet


AXE Deodorant Body Spray - Clix looks like a glitzy product at a relatively inexpensvie price compared to other deodorants. AXE gave me an initial impression that it was a new deodorant-spray in a field of other long standing deodorants, none of which ever made a significant impression on me as better or worse than the next. After using it a few times, I've almost decided that what seems to be a revolutionary new substitute for aftershave or cologne is neither better or worse than any of the other deodorants that have been marketed for decades. I've only tried one or two of the different scents such as "Clix" or "Fever", that leave to the imagination to decide that they are more than disguises for sweat. That was enough.



Axe deodorant body spray is the best smelling spray!


Ok, I first bought my husband the deodorant antipersprant because they were out of his normal scent. Well ever since then I have to say this smells AMAZING! I seriously dont know how to put it into words how great this smells. My husband works in a Steel Mill so you know he gets all hot and sweaty and gross by the end of the day. Well with this spray he smells fresh out of the shower plus the actual scent is OMG AMAZING! :) I love the fact that its cheap enough for him to take a can to a dirty mill and keep it in his locker so he doesn't come home smelling like smelly man. I now sleep with his shirts at night just to smell his colonge, he thinks its hilarious that when I hug him good bye when he leaves for work I sit there and just smell him for a minute. Sounds creepy but thats just how great this stuff smells. Its a little over powering if you use too much, just use it sparingly and you will be attacked by any women!

Dayton, OR


Smells Great!!!


i love the smell it is easy to use press a button and it comes out easy to find its every where and its pocket sized. i would recomend this to any bodyi have been using it for a couple of years now and it is great u can use it any time you want isnt that great i love this stuff because it is just spectacular.

Young America, MN


AXE Deodorant Bodyspray - Clix

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