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Body Spray
AXE Dark Temptation Bodyspray Deodorant

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I honestly really hate the smell of this stuff, it's so strong and it's enough to make someone gag with just one spray of the stuff. This is a terrible scent brought out by Axe and I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. Try any other scent, I beg you.

Pittsburg, California


Chocolate smell


This is one of my all time favorite scents made by the Axe line. Somehow the developers found a way to make chocolate notes crave-able in a body spray version. Women go crazy over this scent in the club scene, as it is just casual enough to get their attention without smelling like a highschool locker room.





I, like everyone else, was intrigued by this commercial when it first came out. A body spray that smells like chocolate ? Oh-kay...Fast forward a few months, I'm glad to know that this does not really smell like chocolate. The chocolate man of desirableness was just to show what a guy would feel like while wearing this. I smelled this for the first time at the beach last summer, and I was blown away. This is hands down the best axe spray. Prior to this, I liked Pheonix. Which is what my ex boyfriend used to wear. It was only fitting that I bought my current boyfriend a gift set that I made of the better smelling Axe Dark Temptation body spray, deodorant, and body wash :D He likes it, I like it, he smells great, and we're both happy. Axe is my favorite brand of male body sprays. And at such a cheap price, there is no reason why ALL men shouldn't go around smelling good. I definitely recommend.

Matthews, NC


My girl loves it on me!


My girlfriend purchased this for me as a joke because she loves chocolate and thought I would be more appealing if I were covered in chocolate scented body spray.The package has a funky design to it not really my preference but I guess the smell is what really matters. It has a really musky smell with just a hint of chocolate thrown it. It is pretty unique and does not smell like anything I have tried before. My girlfriend absolutely loves it on me and always ask me to put it on. I personally think it smells pretty good but mostly wear it just to make her happy. The smells lasts me most of the day but eventually fades off as time progresses. There is no need to go overboard with spraying just a few spritzes is good enough or else it becomes too overpowering. I have gotten a good number of compliments from my female friends too. So I really recommend it to attract the female chocolate lovers.

Pensacola, FL


AXE Dark Temptation body spray is AXE's best product yet!


I really like this product, and I have no complaints.  The scent is rich and decadent.  It does smell chocolatey, but not overwhelmingly so.  My man doesn't use it as a deodorant, just as a body spray and he doesn't use it very often at that.  But when he does, I definitely notice.  It takes awhile before I realize what I'm smelling, and I spend awhile going around the house wondering what it is I smell until I recognize what it is. But I love it!  It's a perfect scent for a man in my eyes (nose).  I like the design on the bottle, it's a refreshing change from the regular blue and red combos most men's products come in.  It's got a nice gold and brown design on the bottle.  The bottle is smooth and matte, it feels as great as a deodorant/body spray bottle can feel!  I like the black turn-around nozzle.  Again, it's a little different and that's nice.   Unfortunately my son got into this and sprayed it everywhere so it looks like someone will have to be buying more if I want to keep smelling it.  I guess that's ok with me though because it's worth it and it's pretty cheap, anyway!

Layton, UT


Dude, you should smell like chocolate! Axe Dark Temptation


So, apparently it's ok for dudes to wear body splash now.  But don't worry fellow men, we won't call it "body splash" - oh no!  That's for chicks.  We'll call ours "deodorant bodyspray".  Cuz dudes stink, and need to be deodorized.  And as an old friend of mine used to say, "If you're going to stink, you might as well stink good!" Therefore I bring you Axe's Dark Temptation deodorizing bodyspray.  Let's face it, we only want to stink good for the ladies, and ladies love chocolate.  The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but the way to a woman's heart must take into account calories.  So give your woman all the indulgence of chocolate, without all the calories.  That's right, with Dark Temptation, you'll smell like a man, but a chocolate covered man, and ladies love chocolate. So grab your manly looking metal can of deodorizer, and apply vigorously and frequently all over.  I know I do!

Crewe, VA


Axe Deodorant Body Spray helps my son feel fresh & confident.


Axe Deodorant Body Spray (Dark Temptation) - *A unique all-over body spray that combines a quality fragrance with effective deodorant protection to keep you smelling great all day or all night.*  My youngest son has always had a very strong underarm odor.  He was never diagnosed with any type of skin disorder or other health problem, his pediatrician said everything was OK; he would just have to be very diligent about his hygiene.  One thing that has been beneficial in helping my son with his hygiene is Axe Deodorant Body Spray.  After showering or bathing, my son sprays on the Axe and uses it with regular deodorant.  Axe Deodorant Body Spray works to control my son's body odor and gives him a fresh, clean, fragrant smell.  Of the many products my son has used over the years to help control his body odor, Axe, combined with regular deodorant, seems to work quite well for him.  Fresh fragrance and odor protection--who could ask for more?!

Americus, GA


AXE Dark Temptation Bodyspray Deodorant

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