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ATM Savings Bank Toy

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How to get it open I just got one


I just got one but I don't know how to get it open



toys should be something useful for kids


This is a nice and very beneficial toy for kids kids can learn saving money at early age the design for the product is very attractive but the problem is that it does not support different languages which makes operating it very difficult for NON ENGLISH SPEAKERS children so recommendation will be to create a version that support arabic or other languages as well as far as the product is concerned it's very practical and useful and my kids loved it


saudi arabia


My first bank.


This ATM Savings Bank Toy is so cute and fun to play with. I would actually store my money in here. It counts how much you are putting in, and unlike most other simple house banks, this one actually will subtract the amount you take out. The batteries last forever in this toy and it's really useful. Be careful, it isn't that durable.




love it this atm savings bank toy


This was one of the best toys I could of ever bought fo my two little girls. They are always putting money into this bank every day. They are even takin it around to their grand parents homes and asking them to help them save money. I never thought that I would ever se them ant to save their money, and with this toy the are doing it; thanks so much for invening this toy.


Dexter, GA


It is great!


This toy is great. I bought it for my nephew and he loved it. It's great because not onley can you use coin's in it, you can put dolar bills in it too. It's so cool. He liked that it uses a special card because he has big brother's and sister's who tend to steal his money. It's better than a piggy bank for that reason also. I think I definitally will buy this for all the other children that I know because it's a good piggy bank that protects their money more than alot of other bank's that I've seen and used. Although it was great the card was small and he kept loosing it. If it were bigger it would be easier to keep track of. The part that open's up and allow's you to remove money got jammed alot and when you put money in you can not lay it down or the coins will get stuck. This is a wonderfull product and you will realley love it, the flaw's are not nearly as bad as how great the product is. 


Vancouver, WA


looks and works like a real ATM


I work at a bank and I see and use ATMs every day. The moment I knew that there are ATMs for kids i thought it wold be a good idea to buy for my nephew. i bought it for him for his birthday and he liked it a lot. I had to show him how it works since he is only six years old. I think this toy is also educational becuase it teaches kids how many works and it gives a slight information on how to save money. the machine is a decent size with lots of interesting features. It looks very real but of course in a smaller size. i think they should also invent touchscreen ATM machines and i think that will be very popular and will sell a lot on christmas. I recommend this toy for every parent for thier kids. It reminds me of monopoly games and I know that monopoly has been keeping up with technology. They have new monpolies with credit card machines. This ATM is very hard to break and I think it is for kids between ages of 6-12.


Houston, TX


Very helpful with my son to learn money


I bought this for my autistic son.  He was having trouble learning money.  It is great cause it displays the amount and you can also keep track of total money saved.  I was a great way for him to learn and to learn value of money.  We found very creative ways to use this.   


Kissimmee, FL


educational but not durable


My son got a ATM Savings Bank for Christmas.  He loved it and it was educational but we encountered some problems.  The front door which opens to reveal the money would often open without having to use the combination.  Then it would fall off of the hinges.  We also had problems with the counter.  At first, it worked great and it was fun watching the money add up in his account.  But soon the counter could not differentiate between the coins.  It would not read them.  We would take everything out and start over again.  Sometimes it would read them and sometimes it would not.  We would get a different total every time.  I would push the reset button each time.  Finally the reset button quit working.  The bank loved to talk though!  It was always asking for money and thanking us!  Overall, this was a great educational toy but not very durable.


Colorado Springs, CO


it is great


this is a gift good for future bankers or just to save money the atm savings bank toy this christmas get your child this item. You could let them put their money in their and just let it grow.Also they will have fun doing it. Overall it is a great toy.


Hampton, GA


atm bank toy is amazing


The atm bank toy allows my child hours of fun playing on her own. She loves this toy so much. What a great item. She will sit and play for hours by herself. She will sit and play with friends with this toy. Its a great toy to play with a  friend or to occupy your child while you are tyring to get  things done around the house. I cant belive that this small cheap toy allows hours of fun playing. Im amazed that this toy is so great for my child. I would recommend this toy for your child, for a gift for anyone in the house hold.


Parkesburg, PA


ATM Savings Bank Toy

4.0 10