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AMD PHENOM II 4X Z965 AM3 BLACK ED Phenom II X4, 3.4 GHz  Processor

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AMD Phenom 2 x4 965, Leader in its class


I recently built a new computer this black friday and I was trying to decide between the Intel 4 core i5 760 and Advanced Micro Devices Phenom 2  x4 965. Intel chips aren't bad, I used one in my old computer. I did a lot of research between the two CPUs and I came to the conclusion that the 965 (and 955s) give you the best bang for the buck, as they say. This cpu runs extremely well at 3.4 Ghz and can be overclocked way beyond that depending on the motherboard. The boxed fan for this unit is REALLY quiet, even when running under heavy loads. There aren't a lot of programs currently taking advantage of the 4 core system, but there will be more coming soon. This processor (unlike the lower 925's) have unlocked cores (which means it is available to overclocking on any motherboard that supports it) - which is why I bought the higher end 955-965 cpu. Overall this CPU is performing great and I am glad I went back to AMD after running my Intel Core2Duo for 3+ years. You wont be disappointed in this product!

Fremont, CA


Amazing Top Processor


This processor is amazing. It runs stock at 3.4 Ghz which is 200 frequency and 17x multiplier. It has stock 2000 HTT. The amazing thing about this processor is that will a little playing around, you can overclock it straight up to 4.0Ghz or higher depending on your cooling and ambient temperature. For gaming, it's the best bang for the buck top CPU on the market. For gaming benchmarks, it competes with Intel's Core i7 CPU's and actually does a fantastic job keeping within a few frames per second. This also makes a great future proof processor until AMD's next generation Bulldozer architecture comes out next year. It has DDR3 Dual Channel support and DDR2 Dual Channel support on the integrated memory controller so you can either use this chip in an AM3 socket motherboard or AM2+ motherboard. AM3 motherboards will use DDR3 RAM and AM2+ use DDR2 RAM. With this chip, you pretty much only need to upgrade your graphics card and this chip will easily last you at least 3 years down the road. I recommend it hands down 10/10 out of the box but I would advise anyone to get better cooling than the stock heatsink.

Junction City, KS


AMD PHENOM II 4X Z965 AM3 BLACK ED Phenom II X4, 3.4 GHz Processor

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